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Gravesend Coin Dealer Murdered, Body Dumped On Midwood Streets

Steve Halfon (Source:

Reader Alina U. asked last night about a grisly looking crime scene in Midwood. Well, turns out a Gravesend coin dealer was ambushed and beaten to death near his shop, and then dumped about a mile away in Midwood.

The Daily News reports:

A Brooklyn coin dealer died Tuesday after a group of thieves pummeled him near his shop and dumped his battered body a mile away, police sources said.

Steve Halfon, 61, had just closed his shop, Liberty Coin Co. on Kings Highway in Gravesend, and was walking to his car when three men ambushed him just before 5:30 p.m., the sources said.

The men beat Halfon to a pulp, stuffed him in a black Volvo sedan and drove away, sources said. They dumped his body on East Seventh St. near Avenue N in Midwood and abandoned the car two blocks later, sources and a witness said.

“One guy gets out, covered in blood, and walks down the street like nothing happened,” said a witness. The suspect threw his bloody T-shirt, a Yankees hat and a gray hoodie in a sewer before running away with the two others, the witness said.

A passing motorist spotted Halfon’s body and called cops. He was taken to New York Community Hospital but couldn’t be saved.

No arrests have been made, and it’s unclear if the suspects took anything off Halfon. The incident occurred in the 66th Precinct.

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  1. It’s not like the area where his store was had been in a low key area either– it’s always busy, and is right near a train station. Unbelievable. 

  2. Last night was crazy…Earthquake, my car broken into on my own block, the coin guy and a shooting on east 29th and v….

  3. ohh shit, your kidding me?

    East 29th and V?     yo i thought it was thunder, or something fell……….. wow.

  4. Sounds like scary-looking cowards would’ve frightened off anyone wanting to help. Poor man. Where are the police? Local beat cops? Cars? Traffic cops? Cameras?

  5. i knew this guy, i had sold some coins to him over the years. he was a very nice, sweet man, looks a hell of a lot like steven segal. me and my mother who have sold coins to him over the years, are sad about this…

    the coin world has lost a great man, and the world overall lost a nice guy

    and wth a shooting that close to me.. i dislike this

  6. The process, time and money they want you to give them in order to just apply for a permit should be illegal and that is just for a home permit. It is virtually impossible to get a carry permit unless you are politically connected.  Its easy for rich politicians to talk shit when they have private security and public security paid for by us. The police are supposed to protect us but how are they supposed to be everywhere at the same time. Even if this man had the time to call for help it doesn’t sound like anyone would have gotten to him in time.
    Criminals dont ask for permission to carry weapons or commit crimes. Why would anyone want to deny people the right to defend themselves anyway they can.     

  7. Such a shame.  It seems like there’s been a spike in violent crime in the area the past couple of years, while the police department continues to waste resources.  You’re lucky if there’s 3 sector cars patrolling the 61 precinct on a good night, while they ship cops out to other areas. 

  8. Really sad when a witness can have so many details and not have the common sense to try and help. And it seems there were more then a few witnesses.

  9. There was nothing in the news that I know of.  I was in the 61pct making a report on my car and heard the cops talking about the murder and the shooting. 

  10. just wait until december when crime spikes,this will be the worst ever…dont even think about wearing gold with the skyrocketing prices,im sure gold coins were a factor in this tragedy…didnt know him but may he rest in peace,if you can show you lock the store up and leave with a certain amount of cash you can get yourself a permit for all you store owners,protect yourself,its not gonna be getting any better out there

  11. I just heard about this.  I went to George Gershwin JHS in East New York with Steve.  He was such a nice guy.  May he RIP.  Condonlences to his family.

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