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Grand Larceny Nearly Triples From Last Week’s Low Crime Numbers


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After a major December drop in crime last week, 22 incidents of grand larceny contributed to a significant rise this week. That is nearly a threefold increase from last week’s 8 grand larcenies. Deputy Inspector Eric Rodriguez has been warning residents all year that thefts of iPhones and other handheld devices have driven crime in the area and around the city.

Several incidents have recently been reported around our area:

• A phone was snatched on Cortelyou Road this past weekend.

• Neighbors reported two more attacks (on Rugby and Cortelyou Roads) in the comments.

• Another neighbor tells us her phone was stolen from her car, which was parked in her driveway on Ocean Avenue, on the night of December 25.

You can view the 70’s CompStat report covering the week of 12/10 through 12/16/12. Previous reports are available here.

If you’ve been the victim of the crime, after you’ve reported it to the police, please send us an email at ditmasparkcorner@gmail.com or fill out the form on the map page with the details, including date, approximate time, and what happened, and we’ll add it.

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  1. Crime goes up this season because the bad guys also need to give gifts to family and friends. This is there way of getting a Christmas bonus.

  2. And we see zero felony assaults because the guy who was beaten for his iPhone wasn’t willing to call 911 and make a report (see comments in the iphone snatching thread). Thanks guy.

  3. Why would he, what would they do? He would call and wait two hours for the police to show up just to tell him they can’t do anything?

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