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Got Him! Police Arrest Malique Young, Second Suspect In Beating, Robbery Of 18-Year-Old Midwood Woman

Robbery photo 2
Cops say this is Malique Young

The NYPD announced the arrest of 18-year-old Malique Young yesterday evening, the second and final suspect wanted for the shocking assault and robbery of an 18-year-old woman in Midwood on Sunday.

Young, of Flatlands, is charged with robbery in the second degree. His alleged accomplice, Tyler Hoppin, 18, was busted Wednesday night and charged with robbery, assault and criminal possession of stolen property.

Hoppin and Young are accused of following an 18-year-old woman into her Avenue M and East 18th Street apartment building. The video shows the woman enter the elevator, followed by two men who abruptly drag her into the hallway by her hair and begin pummeling her with their fists before making off with her bag. They then tossed the bag into bushes outside of the building.

In the video, the man believed to be Young is the first to grab the woman, and the two knock her to the ground. Young holds her down while the man believed to be Hoppin begins punching her repeatedly. As the woman continues to struggle, it does appear that Young kicks and punches the woman.

It is not yet clear why the cops have hit Young with a lesser charge.

Tyler Hoppin
Tyler Hoppin (Source: Instagram)

Councilman Chaim Deutsch praised the police for the quick capture of the suspects, and said the incident highlights the role clear surveillance footage can play in crime fighting. He sent the following statement:

I commend Deputy Inspector Richard DiBlasio and the NYPD’s 70th precinct for their dedication and commitment in the apprehension of the second suspect in the July 27th assault in Midwood. The timely arrest of the two culprits in this vicious crime is also due in part to the existence of clear, quality surveillance footage that was obtained of the attack. Security cameras are becoming increasingly significant in the policing and safety of our neighborhoods, as is demonstrated again in this most recent crime. I will be reaching out to Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson to share my concerns and I am confident that he will prosecute the two perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

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  4. It’s obvious from the video that they both participated equally in the commission of this crime, so why was each charged differently? Why aren’t perps who act in concert to commit a violent felony charged with the highest counts of that felony, regardless of who threw the punches or pulled a trigger? A robbery is a robbery, and, had this woman pulled out a legal and licensed handgun and used it to defend herself, nobody would ask, or care, which of the perps was more involved or more of a threat to the victim.

    But it will be interesting to see how well justice is meted out to these guys, what kinds of records they have, if they’ll cop pleas and get coddled by bleeding heart judges, or whether, as some have suggested, justice will find them in a prison shower room.

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