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GOP Hopeful Bob Turner Holds Fundraiser In Sheepshead Bay, Touts Business Experience

Turner, with aides, on his way to the fundraiser.

Republican hopeful Bob Turner came to Sheepshead Bay yesterday seeking support to best Assemblyman David Weprin in the race for the Ninth Congressional District, the seat recently vacated by Anthony Weiner.

In the wake of a surprise cross-party endorsement from former mayor Ed Koch, the 20-or-so attendees – which included Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, GOP radio personalities Russ Gallo and Gene Berardelli, Brooklyn GOP Vice Chair David Storobin, and Republican district leaders from around the borough – buzzed with excitement in the law offices of Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, located at 1662 Sheepshead Bay Road. The energetic attendees were optimistic about the media mogul’s chances in an increasingly conservative district, opposing someone they characterize as an out-of-district Democratic contender whose campaign stumbled out of the gates.

Koch, a Democrat, injected himself into the campaign on Monday by officially endorsing Turner, prodding voters to elect the Republican as a rebuke of President Barack Obama’s proposal that Israel base peace talks on pre-1967 borders. The endorsement brought condemnation by fellow Democrats, who point out that Weprin – an Orthodox Jew with family in Israel – is a staunch supporter of the country. But the endorsement is quickly making Turner look like the more pro-Israel candidate, energizing attendees of yesterday’s fundraiser.

“Ed Koch coming over to the bright side,” Turner told the participants. “Campaigning isn’t always fun, but this was fun.”

Israel isn’t the only issue on which Turner is attempting to undermine Weprin, who is considered the front-runner in the Democratic district. The fundraiser came just a day after Weprin visited the Self Help Austin Street Senior Center in Forest Hills, Queens, to discuss the need to protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

As The Empire reports:

“The Republicans in the House are looking to slash Social Security and Medicare. Frankly, people are scared,” Weprin said as supporters stood behind him. “I will fight to preserve Social Security and Medicare, not to privatize Social Security and Medicare.”

In case you missed that: David Weprin wants you to know he’s the guy who will fight for Social Security and Medicare.

It appears Turner is on the same page. Turner told attendees at the fundraiser that some of his most important goals are to preserve Social Security for people 55 and over, prevent Medicare from privatization and protect Medicaid from elimination – ostensibly the same themes offered by Weprin a day earlier. And it seems poised to combat attacks from the assemblyman: Weprin’s campaign issued a statement on Monday claiming Turner’s plan to cut federal spending would slash programs like Medicaid.

But Turner, a Queens resident, said the candidates differ on their backgrounds and economic views. He said he opposes block grants and deficit spending, and that  his business experience gives him an advantage over the career politician.

“I can address [the deficit] in a business-minded way,” Turner said. “The deficit is a mind boggling problem, and the size of the deficit can capsize the entire system … We’ve seen worldwide the history of irresponsible economics.”

“It’s an awful legacy we’re leaving. We have to address it and address it intelligently and across party lines,” he added.

Supporters agree that Turner’s greatest strength is his business sense against a “guy who doesn’t even live in the district,” said Craig Eaton.

“It’s time to send a message to Washington that we need businessmen, people with no agenda” representing our interests, Eaton told the attendees.

With the Koch endorsement on his heels, campaign experience earned during his run against Weiner last year, and an electorate increasingly turning to political outsiders, Turner is optimistic he will secure the seat.

“Election night [2010], we had 41 percent of the vote. Some people said we did good. Well, 51 percent is the number we’re going for this time,” Turner said. “I think we can get that. In fact, I know we can.”

A special election to fill Anthony Weiner’s seat – the Ninth Congressional District – will take place on September 13.

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  1. Koch did not endorse Turner. All he said was that people should vote Republican as a protest, furthering the cause of chaos and catastrophe.

    I think we need to send a statement to the REPUBLICANS that their behavior is NOT acceptable. So do not vote anyone who calls himself one.

  2. Really? A business man? Like Washington really needs a
    business man to solve political ideologies! What is needed is someone who
    understands people and their different perspectives and finds the route to a “common
    good”. Government is NOT a business.

  3. This is a bit off topic but here it goes anyway.  Why is it that politicians have nuclear bombs shelters in case of nuclear war?  In my opinion if they let things get so bad that nuclear bombs are falling on the country, not only do they not need to be sheltered but they should be outside trying to catch the falling missiles with their bare hands.  This is all I had to say for now. 

  4. The Repugnicants got us in this mess!  They aren’t going to get us out fo it!
    As for the Dems. — they always seem to shoot themselves in the foot- how could they select someone who does not live in the district to run for this seat?  The state should push up it redistricting (gerrymandering), we know they are going to eliminate the 9th CD anyway!

  5. So, given Turner’s business background and Republican pro-business views, if Michele Bachmann were to endorse Turner and help kick his campaign into overdrive, would that be seen as taking care of business?

  6. Of course we need a two party system. But, for the sake if simplicity, it would be better to have fewer Republicans. They should speak their minds, sit down, and vote. All this rancor is making it difficult for the President and the Democrats to run the country.

  7. Of course we need a two party system. But, for the sake if simplicity, it would be better to have fewer Republicans. They should speak their minds, sit down, and vote. All this rancor is making it difficult for the President and the Democrats to run the country.

  8. I support Turner. Weprin is a hairpiece-wearing hack. He would be more of the same.As per the thus-far planless President Obama and Senator Reid better to spend ourselves and our children into insolvency to the tune of $4.1 billion per day more than we get in daily receipts.Basically we spend roughly the equal of half an aircraft carrier every day(The USN Gerald Ford cost $8.9 billion in FY 2008), except we get nothing so tangible for Obama’s spendiong orgy. Except, of course, saddling our children with more debt at higher and higher rates of interest.That $4.1 billion daily deficit is 3 times that of Bush Jr. ($1.4 billion) and almsot 8 times worse than Clinton ($580 million). The spending has to stop.

    Either we are going to make cuts now sensibly and fairly, or we will make them later in panic. Either way we figure to get downgraded. The current status quo ia unacceptable not only for seniors but also for our childen. No empire has ever spent it’s way out of overrreach, not Rome, nor Britian, France, Spain nor the Soviet Union. The Keynsian insanity has to be stopped. I labo under no illusions about any pol, but Turner would be a step in the right direction.

    And David Weprin has NO IDEA who John Maynard Keynes is.

  9. In the end the Republicans will take the entire system down.Total economic collapse. But the very rich will still be comfortable. It will be people like yourself who will be stunned at the eventual outcome. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  10. So a $14 trilion debt is great, and Obama taking it to over $20 trillion would be better, right? When and where does the spendng end? There aren’t enough rich people,even if you tax them at 100%, to pay for all this.The problem with socialism is sooner ratehr than alter you run out of other people’s ,money.

     And Obama’s idea of rich -$175-250K-is basically a teacher and a fireman in NYC. Such middle class people in a high tax state like NY with AMT are getting hit over the head with the government cash register while 47% of the population pays nothing.

    Young people increasingly understand as they join the workforce they are carrying a growing bunch of freeloaders that form Obama’s core support.The working people have no problem supporting a safty net for the helpless or the temporarily displaced. But the clueless who’s idea of a productive day is lighting a doobie at 10AM in the “affordable housing” PJs while waking to “Jerry” on their big screen while facebooking their pals on the fedrally-funded iphone are no longer viewed by anyone as the poor downtrodden. They are sucking Obams’s readily-offered federal tit dry to avoid actual work. That 47% of non-taxpaying nonworking societal leeches are no longer seen as anything more than parasites. They are the enemy.
    And as to those that cannot find work, they know right now under this President the job market sucks. 9%+ unemployment is not a good figure for anyone seeking reelection.

  11. Do not you think the Republicans in their current incarnation would like to rid the United States of the Democrats?

    At any rate, my comment was a nullification of Koch’s absurd manipulation of reasoning. At this time in our history we have to consider the total impact of our vote. Koch admitted some discomfort with Turner, so wouldn’t outright endorse him. Nevertheless telling people to vote for a Republican is a de facto endosement. People will read the headline but not the caveat. (Even in this article)

    Koch thinks he’s clever. Not really, but he risks nothing by stirring the pot. He has nothing to lose. At least at this point in time.

  12. And this debt cane from……

    Please. If we hadn’t mismanaged our affairs in Iraq, and if we would have had fair taxation for the last ten years your points would be of no concern.

    Providing for those who need help did not bring us to where we are now. That is just a diversion, a refusal of those who supported bad choices to admit their culpability, and opportunistic scapegoating by those who were not in Congress at the time.

    Goldman-Sachs makes $1.4 billion dollars in profits and lays people off. Other companies continue to maximize profits without increasing employment. Let’s face it. We are no longer a country where the jobs performed by Americans are considered essential. The average worker does not create a perceptible result from his efforts.  A significant number have become more or less expendable. Much that is done is now automated. The fears of the Luddites are coming to fruition at last.

    So then what happens? The increasing number of number who can no longer spend money they do not have will impact smaller businesses that rely on them for survival. In turn companies that rely upon them for survival go under too. Larger businesses weather the storm better and accommodate. One way they accommodate is by laying off workers. We are seeing the beginnings of this. Factor in general long term economic instability and one finds a problem of mind boggling magnitude. One that will continue to worsen until the only people who will be comfortable are those with means so great they can ride out any set of events.

    Expecting the Republicans to cure a problem which they played a large part in creating is akin to asking the fox that stole your chickens to guard the hen house. Totally absurd.

  13. Clyde Haberman in the NY Times expressed Koch’s position well:

    Mr. Koch coupled his support of Mr. Turner with a denunciation of Republican leaders in Washington as “scoundrels” in the struggle over the federal debt ceiling. Let’s see: Vote for a guy whose election will do right by a foreign country even though it will strengthen those who you say are hurting this country. Hmm.

  14. Firstly, the system has not been yet taken down.
    Secondly, Republicans did not waste billions that were wasted by our current president on god knows what (whatever happened to all the public transportation initiatives promised to us by our President ?)

  15. A programmer or a nurse in New York, supposedly part of middle  class here, would be considered very rich someplace like Alabama ! “Those damn Yankees are making too much money”.
    In time we all would become rich and be forced to pay for someone’s health insurance, someone’s inability to do hard work.

  16. Goldman Sachs has ALWAYS laid off people that were the lowest performance.
    Always – when the economy was good as well.
    Our government has become an enemy of small and medium-sized businesses under our current president.

  17. I saw a party boat pull out of Sheepshead bay a few hours ago. I heard on the speaker system it was sponsored by Marty Golden. I don’t know who was on the ship.

  18. First off  – “GOP radio personalit(y)… Gene Berardelli”.  LOVE IT.  🙂  Look out, Rush!  For those of you who don’t know what Ned is referring to, search Google for Brooklyn GOP Radio (cheap plug!)

    In all seriousness, IMO, Bob Turner is what our district needs.  He is showing that he is not a “cookie cutter” candidate spit out by a political machine.  He is his own man with his own views that don’t come from any organization’s “talking points”.    Weprin has never had his own voice.  He is a mediocre politician who has gotten by through nepotism and party loyalty.  For goodness sakes, he was finance chair in the Council and finished DEAD LAST in the Comptroller primary – he even brain-locked when asked about the Comptroller’s budget.  Then he remained employed because his brother “traded places” with him. 

    The Democratic party on counting on “zombie” votes – those voters who
    just go down the column and vote for the Democratic laundry, no matter who is the hack wearing it.  Don’t fall for it. 

    I give the same advice to everyone when looking at elections:  Look beyond party labels and look to what the candidate himself has to offer.  Be an educated voter.  Ned has done a good job getting you started on that road with this article.  And I’m glad to see the debate in the comments.  I hope everyone continues to seek out more information. 

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