Southern Brooklyn

GOP Chooses Turner As Candidate For Weiner’s Seat


Capital Tonight is reporting via Twitter that the GOP is choosing Bob Turner to face off against David Weprin in the September 13 election for New York’s Ninth Congressional District.

Turner was Weiner’s Republican challenger in 2010. Following Weiner’s resignation, the Queens businessman explained in an op-ed why he ran then, and why he hoped to run again this time. He wrote:

The situation in America is worse now than it was in November 2010. The political climate in my district is now very favorable for a repeat run. But that’s not why I did it then, and not why I’d consider a return. My desire to go to Congress was to fix what’s broken and go home. End subsidies. End government dependencies. Dramatically cut the budget by 30 or 35 percent. Slash capital-gains taxes down to zero. Cut taxes across the board. The rest of America’s economic healing will happen naturally as a consequence. I suffered through Carter’s administration and saw what Reagan did to restore American prosperity. It can happen again. Congress knows what to do. Anthony Weiner knows what to do. They just don’t do it. Call it incompetence or arrogance. It’s a matter of political will, and giving up control is something few in Congress are willing to do.

America is tired of standing outside, looking in. It’s time to oust the remaining dead-weight from the House — and bring the change America so desperately needs.