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Goodbye “Sheepshead Bay High School,” Hello “Academy of Career Exploration of Sheepshead Bay”


After deciding last month to shutter Sheepshead Bay High School, as well as 23 other high schools, the Department of Education chose a name this week for the new school in the old building: Academy of Career Exploration of Sheepshead Bay.

John Dewey High School – also slated for closure – will be renamed Shorefront High School of Arts and Sciences at John Dewey Campus.

Both schools will close doors in June as part of a federal “turnaround model” – which requires firing at least half the staff. The plan has spurred condemnation from parents, teachers and students as we’ve previously reported.

The schools will reopen under the new names in September, flooded with as much as $1.5 million each in federal funds to get the schools back on track.

We didn’t think the DOE could make it any more difficult to report on school issues, but, alas, they found a way to nearly double the number of characters to type. That’s city efficiency at its very best!

Regardless, we think it’ll be known colloquially as Sheepshead Bay High School and John Dewey High School for years to come. What do you think?

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  1. Like giving these schools an impressive name is going to improve the quality of education.

  2. I Think it Should be left as John Dewey High School forever!!!! DOE YOU SUCK!!!!!

  3. Will the new “ACESB” award a high-school diploma or GED? Just don’t see what the new system accomplishes.

  4. They should close the DOE and reopen it under the name NYC Department of Idiots and Bureaucrats, after firing half the staff of course and putting $1.5 million into restructuring and reorganizing. 

  5. The title of the Class of 1964 senior play was “Bye Bye Sheepshead,” (a parody of “Bye Bye Birdie”) seems quite appropriate in 2012.
    But I wonder what “career exploration” really means.

  6. SBHS ’64, one of the safest and best performing high schools in the main 4 boroughs according to the annual surveys done by the old World Telegram and Sun.  I understand that change is inevitable, but have been back to the old hood off and on over the years when in NY so I know that with just a few exceptions, the areas that naturally feed enrollment still despite changes, create little reason to explain the terrible test scores and incidence of criminality.   It’s just disgraceful.  Connect the dots.

  7. Shorefront High School of Arts and Sciences at John Dewey Campus? woooooooooooooow what a fancy name.. sounds like Harvard law school!  

  8.  Put the blame where it belongs first. On Bloomberg. Never forget who
    pretty much enacted a hostile takeover of the city school system and
    turned it into the train wreck it is today. This is all Bloomberg. He is turning the school system (like everything else) into a business. Kids are the pawns.

  9. Embracing change is very hard for some and very easy for others. In most cases it has more to do with a person’s personality than with the political beliefs or agreement/disagreement with a change. The best thing that teachers, admin and the government can do for student career exploration is to provide the students early in high school the opportunity to explore the connection between their personality “talents’ and career paths. Career Coaching for Students ( is the only program that I am aware of that uses the same assessments employers use to match people to jobs. The assessments currently being used in schools are not allowed in companies for hiring because they do not pass the validity/reliability test. A student who has established a clear future view for themself is much more likely to engage and excel in high school.  Embrace the new, leverage everything about what that offers. 50 years from now the name of the high school won’t be important to today’s students. What will be important is whether they were able to springboard from high school to an exciting new life as an adult.

  10. As an alumni of Dewy, I will say that it all went downhill when the changed the basic concept of the school.  My question is, how come Murrow HS is still going strong, and the answer is … because you still need to be tested to get in there.  It is not open enrollment.

    As to Sheepshead Bay HS, as a very close neighbor to that school, I have to say I don’t see anything positive to say about it.

    Maybe closing both of these schools will hopefully change things for the better, I will keep an open mind.

  11. I graduated SBHS ’66 and got one of the best public school educations one could possibly get before the deluge of bussing, political correctness, crime, etc.  My teachers were fabulous, even if some were difficult.  The teachers, the principals, and the students had respect for each other, while still being teachers and kids.  The demographics were Italians, Jews, Irish, Asians, Blacks, and others…there were no bars on the doors and windows, no football bs, some of the best individual athletes who were also fabulous students academically. My sisters also graduated and the last in early 70s.  What this school has become is a travesty,  shameful, a joke that it has potential for “career exploration”?  What the hell is that a euphemism  for? All ya gotta do is look at  the photo…may the gods help us all!  This is what liberalism wroughts! 

  12. put the blame on the parents for not teaching their children to respect people in authority!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m currently a student at Sheepshead bay and I must say they’re heading for chaos, even though yes they got rid of the less liked staff they removed a lot of staff that students liked. Many others, like myself aren’t fond of the name either. Sheepshead Bay Academy would have been fine. Something tells my last two years aren’t going to be easy. 

  14. Your job, as a student, is to keep your head down and stay out of trouble. Keep your grades up and take the courses you need to get into college, any college. Start at a CUNY community college if you have to. Who cares what they call the high school?

  15. I went to SBHS back from ’77 to ’81. I was zoned for Erasmus Hall H.S. but got to choose another school because, as I’m sure you know, Erasmus was one of the worst schools in the city. Sheepshead was third on my list. The demographics were probably 90% white, 10% “blacks and others”. It was a mess back then, a lot of racially motivated fighting, and I don’t remember too many good times. But what exactly are we supposed to be looking at in the photo that shows it’s become “travesty, shameful, a joke”? Why is this about liberalism? Who’s liberalism?

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