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Golden Pushes Legislation To Reduce Medicaid Fraud


Hopefully this will help heal the economy a little bit.

If you’ve ever cogitated on the injustices of people being eligible for free health insurance while living in million dollar mansions and driving an Infiniti G37 Cabrio, as you work two jobs to make ends meet and pay a monthly king’s ransom for health insurance, wonder no more.

State Senator Martin J. Golden and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis are teaming up later this month to introduce legislation that they hope will rip the carpet out from beneath greedy goons committing Medicaid fraud and abuse, which Malliotakis says are “some of the largest contributing factors to our bloated and inefficient Medicaid system.”

Golden, a member of the Senate Health Committee, explains: “The 2009 New York State Budget included language that repealed the resource asset test for Medicaid eligibility which was instrumental in preventing people from hiding their resources. Since we have eliminated this step in the screening process, we have heard of more people who have been able to get free health insurance for their families, while living in million dollar homes and driving luxury automobiles.”

The legislation would reinstate the use of the resource asset test for Medicaid eligibility as well as include a separate provision that will reinstate the initial personal interview upon the filing of an application for Medicaid.

Golden continued: “In this economic climate of budget cuts, New York has no room to waste not even a single dollar. The United States Government Accountability office estimated that in 2010, Medicaid fraud in New York State cost taxpayers $5 billion. There is no doubt that this was simply a poor policy making decision that needs to be corrected immediately. This legislation will again require screenings as part of the Medicaid eligibility review, so that the system can provide the benefits only for those most in need.”

Malliotakis stated: “As costs continue to skyrocket, we simply cannot afford to allow billions of dollars disappear as a result of waste and fraud within the Medicaid system. The Resource Asset Test is a proven, effective tool to combat these problems, and I urge my colleagues in the Legislature to adopt this measure immediately so that not one more cent is waste.”

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  1. How much of the “$5 billion” fraud was due to the loss of the “asset test” and how much due to all other medicaid fraud? The Como state budget reduced medicaid spending by 1%. What proposals are there to reduce medical costs?  

  2. Another joke. These politicians have absolutely nothing to do, except creating more and more paperwork. Let me ask you, mr. Golden, a question:”Can Government to fight with the Medicaid Fraud without “your” law” Are there not enough laws? Maybe better to enforce what we already have, than to create new paper, which even not good for the bathroom? We have to change the system, so professional politicians like Kruger and Golden would stop to create new laws and regulations and take the step to the different direction – illuminate the laws, which kills the businesses and do not let peoples breath… Or, maybe we have to finally send Krugers, Goldens, Fidlers and others out of the taxpayers money? My position is simple – less Government. Now we have much more people who spend our money working for Government than people in manufacturing. very nice, Mr. Golden, the lawmaker…

  3. why do they need legislation upon legislation for such a thing. My doctor, not prone to political statements, said to me he is so upset at patient after patient paying him with medicaid and driving off in a better car than he has.  The fraud is so rampant.

       Why is the answer always “more legislation”.  Cars speeding in Manhattan Beach hitting people? Legislation.  Medicaid fraud? Legislation.  Duh, how about arresting the criminals? Have we gotten that soft that we can’t stand to arrest criminals??? 

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