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Golden Is The Legislature’s Bill Passing Champion Of 2013

Marty Golden, Photo By Erica Sherman
Marty Golden, Photo By Erica Sherman

The New York State legislative session for 2013 has ended and the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has tallied up some interesting statistics regarding the actions of all the local New York politicians. Based on the NYPIRG’s studies, the New York Daily News is reporting that State Senator Marty Golden passed the most bills while Assemblyman Simcha Felder uttered merely one official word during the entire year.

Golden ranked as the bill passing champion, racking up a total of 41, cementing his status as New York’s leading Republican legislator. Overall, the Senate and the Assembly passed a combined total of just 650 bills over 2013, the third-lowest number since 1915.

In contrast to Golden, State Assemblyman Jose Rivera, a Democrat out of the Bronx, failed to sponsor or introduce a single bill last year.

Felder was on record for uttering just a single word the entire year when he declared, “Here,” in the opening day roll call. The assemblyman was sarcastic when asked to comment on his lack of taking to the legislative microphone.

“I may have spoken too much this year,” Felder told the Daily News. “I’ll try to do better next year by not speaking at all unless I have something meaningful to say.”

Compared to the desert of Felder’s remarks, State Senator Liz Krueger, a Democrat from Manhattan, let loose an ocean of words, totaling up 40,064 on record, putting her in the top spot for gabbiest lawmaker.