Glass Bottle Thrown At Neighbor’s Head At Newkirk Plaza Last Night


newkirk plaza subway trains by thesaxophonewarrior

Not long after one of our neighbors was followed from the Newkirk Plaza subway station, and then allegedly attacked after getting off in Manhattan, another neighbor encountered a troubling incident at Newkirk last night.

Neighbor Kathryn Rohe told us she “wanted to inform people in the neighborhood of something that happened to me tonight, so they can be on their toes.”

Kathryn said she exited the Q train at 11:25pm on the Newkirk Avenue end of the Coney Island-bound platform at the Newkirk Plaza station.

Kathryn Rohe
Neighbor Kathryn Rohe took this photo of the fluid that splattered on the Newkirk Plaza subway platform after a full glass Snapple bottle was thrown at her head last night.

“I was the last one on the platform, straggling behind everyone else,” Kathryn wrote to us. “I heard something hit the platform behind me with a loud crack, and then I was immediately hit in the head with a second object – a full glass bottle of Snapple drink, which then landed on the platform and crashed.”

Kathryn immediately called the police, but she said “there was nothing they could do since I didn’t see anyone, and I wasn’t physically injured.”

According to the neighbor, the  “items were lobbed from street level, maybe even from the roof of the building at that end of the station, on the Marlborough Road side.”

“I do think people should be aware that this might happen again, and be careful,” Kathryn wrote. “I wasn’t injured (although my head hurts), but someone else might not be as lucky.”

Photos by saxophonewarrior and Kathryn Rohe.

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  1. “I wasn’t injured (although my head hurts)” – You were injured if your head hurts! Please make sure the precinct writes up a full report!

  2. It sounds like the cops were being lazy. There are NYPD cameras everywhere around that station and the surrounding areas. They could have checked the camera footage to see what happened.

  3. Agreed. Insist on it. Make them check the NYPD surveillance cameras (of which there is a bunch around that station).

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