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Give Your Guns To God At Coney Church This Weekend

Source: downtown_boston_2004 / Flickr
Source: downtown_boston_2004 / Flickr

District Attorney Charles Hynes is teaming up with the NYPD and City Councilman Domenic Recchia for a gun buyback event tomorrow, July 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Coney Island Gospel Assembly Church, 2828 Neptune Avenue between West 28th Street and West 29th Street, directly across from Kaiser Park.

According to the press release from the DA’s office:

The gun buyback initiative is aimed at taking illegal, functioning guns off the streets by offering a $200 reward for each eligible weapon surrendered, no questions asked. You will receive a $200 bank card for operable handguns and assault rifles and a $20 bank card for operable rifles and shotguns. The program was launched in Brooklyn in July 2008. A total of 2,714 guns have been collected through the gun buyback program.

Although the reasons may be obvious to some, it may not be obvious to others: The guns must be placed in a plastic or paper bag or a box. This is not Wyoming or Kentucky (or any other open carry state for that matter). Also, the DA’s Office also warns that, if you are transporting the gun by car, the gun must be transported in the trunk of the car. You may surrender as many guns as you wish, but you will only receive payment for up to three guns. (Ed. — There’s incentive for ya.)

In other words, don’t show up waving your guns in the air, yelling, “Now where’s my $200 bank card?!” at the top of your lungs.

To learn more, contact the DA’s office at (718) 250-2300.

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  1. What a waste of money. Lets give criminals a way to get rid of evidence and get paid for it so they can use that money to buy new guns. For any legit person that sells their guns here is a moron. They are getting ripped off $200 for a handgun or a sporting rifle? $20 for a shotgun? This does nothing to prevent crime.

  2. I am very pro 2A and I think this is probably the only initiative that will at least dent the problem of illegal gun on our streets. Obviously no law abiding citizen would sell their legally owned guns this way, this is strictly aimed to get the illegal guns off the street and I applaud that. This is a lot better than passing ridiculous gun control laws that are aimed only at the law abiding citizens.

    And as far as the “evidence being disposed” comment: the guns are traced after they are bought and the IDs of the sellers are collected so if you think this is a way for a shooter to get rid of the evidence it is not so. If anything it might actually solve a case or two…

  3. I’ve been told that one of the main targets of these gun buybacks isn’t so much the crooks, but also people who’ve sort of “inherited” guns, legal and illegal. A lot of illegal guns started off legal, and were stolen from their owners – and in many cases there are people who inherit them when a family member passes away and doesn’t know what to do with them. Getting them out of the closet and to the PD means they won’t get stolen, and won’t end up being used in a crime.

  4. Can you show one case where a gun was turned in at one of these photo ops where a crime was solved? There are roughly 300 million guns in the US. These buybacks do absolutely nothing to “dent” criminals from committing crime. All it does is give pols photo ops and pretend they are doing something all while wasting tax payer money.

  5. If a person does inherit a firearm they dont want they should have the opportunity to sell it for fair market if they choose. If they want to give it away to the pd thats fine but they should have a choice which they legally dont in NYC.

  6. most people don’t even use real guns now a days to commit crimes…. i’ve noticed a lot of people rob stores with toy guns…..

    Perhaps we stop selling all Toy Guns?

  7. Its not about guns. Its about bad people. Since the beginning of time bad people have been doing bad things. Either by hand, rock, stick, sharp stone, arrows, swords, fire. Look at the other post about seniors being run over, those stats are worse than murders with guns. So is it the gun or the person? I think something like 20 people got shot in Chicago last weekend and you hear about it for a minute because its all happening in bad areas by drug dealers. A mass shooting happens and its on 24/7 when the chances of it happening to you are worse than getting struck by lightning. Robbing, killings and rape happen every day everywhere and people should not be able to protect themselves by any means.

  8. So, if you have a rusty pistol laying around – you can get a cool $200 to put towards a new one… Nice.

  9. To make matters worse, (if that’s possible), I would expect a spike in burglaries where guns are targeted for a quick and easy $200.
    So, I guess this program also promotes crime?

  10. You’re right, these buybacks didn’t solve a single crime… I’m hopeful they would at some point. In any case, I take gun buybacks over gun control legislation any day.

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