GIRLS To Film Between Cortelyou & Ditmas This Week


girls filming sign
We told you last week about HBO’s GIRLS being scheduled to film this week at the north end of the neighborhood, but now it looks like they’ll be taking up parking several blocks south of those locations through at least Thursday.

Signs we spotted over the weekend ask neighbors to move their cars by 10pm tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6) night ahead of filming on Wednesday and Thursday on the following blocks:

  • Both sides of Dorchester Road between E 16th and E 19th Streets
  • E 17th Street from Cortelyou Road to Ditmas Avenue
  • Small sections each of E 18th and E 19th Streets between Cortelyou and Dorchester Roads (partial blocks only; pay attention to signs to see where you’re okay to park)

If your car is moved, speak to a crew member on set or call locations at 718-906-2274.

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  1. Is it just me or is this A LOT more than normal the amount of blocks to be taken up? Its also restricted on two blocks of Ditmas Ave, I think between 18th and 16th

  2. Has anyone encountered the actresses and actors in the neighborhood? Anyone has pictures? Have they shopped at local businesses during their breaks? It would be cool if someone can talk about they encounters with GIRLS!!! I love that show…Hannah is so funny!

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