GIRLS’ Day Out


GIRLS film set by noah apple

GIRLS film set by noah appleBehind the scenes, by neighbor Noah Apple (who says that’s Lena Dunham in the red shirt up top, but the way) and ditmasparkcorner.
GIRLS film set by ditmasparkcorner

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  1. And while we’re at it, why must I be constantly shamed and ridiculed and ridishamed for my enthusiasm? Sorry you haven’t figured out how to enjoy life, bro, but I’d appreciate it if you spread your bummer ass bumtown vibes somewhere else.

  2. We were scouted for this shoot but didn’t get it–trying to be a good sport and be all, “Yay for the neighbors who got the shoot!” Lena and her entourage did stop by and enthuse over the house (which was supposed to be a stand-in for off-campus student housing at the University of Iowa), and she was sweet and endearing.

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