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Get Your Yuji Ramen At Whole Foods Before They Leave!


Yuji Ramen
Just because it’s July doesn’t mean it’s too hot for soup, especially when it’s your last chance to get some of the best around. Yuji Ramen, the spot that started as a pop-up shop and ended up with permanent stalls in two NYC Whole Foods locations — including our new one in Gowanus — has announced that they will be leaving those spots to concentrate on their own restaurant.

They posted on Facebook yesterday to say their Whole Foods locations will close at the end of this month, and that they will begin serving ramen and more at Okonomi, their Williamsburg space that’s currently open for limited hours at breakfast and lunch.

We’re pretty hooked on their ramen, which uses a broth made daily using bones from the Whole Foods’ butcher counter, and just as addicted to the mazeman ramen that they’re more known for (pictured above), which is a brothless ramen that’s pretty unique. Both go great with a drink up on the porch, and at $9 a bowl, it’s a pretty solid deal.

If you haven’t been to try it yet, and you’re a ramen fan, this is your fair warning — get to it!

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