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Gerritsen Beach Turns Into Halloween War Zone

Teens escape from NYPD vehicle // Courtesy of

Scores of teenagers waged war on cars, buses, NYPD, firemen, seniors and just about anyone else last night, bombarding them with eggs, shaving cream, potatoes, rocks and even hammers.

The chaos was recorded by, which bravely posted photos of the guilty in action, as well as some of the damage against city property.

Here’s what wrote:

50+ teens held their ground at Gerritsen and Florence Avenues and Seba Avenue Park for a better part of Halloween. They formed a firing line on both sides of Gerritsen Avenue. They were throwing the eggs, shaving cream cans, potatoes, rocks, at anything that drove past and anyone who dared to confront them. They even started throwing eggs at people, parents with young children and strollers. One parent said “I saw them jump a delivery car with kids banging on it, eggs getting slammed into it and some ran on the car”

… An older man in his late 60′s was driving along Gerritsen Avenue when his car was hit by eggs, when he exited the vehicle he was pelted by dozens of eggs, rocks were thrown, chucks of brick, and someone tossed a hammer. Parents and community members stepped in to protect this man and started to chase the kids to away.

… As The Vollies were investigating a possible weed fire. Fire Chief John Czapp jeep’s was pelted and he was hit in the face with an egg. claims that the NYPD “abandoned” the community, refusing to send police cars despite numerous calls. He noted that one car from the 61st Precinct arrived and left shortly after coming under attack from the kids. Two community affairs officers from the 63rd were also dispatched, but attempted to catch the teens on foot. They teens gave officers the slip in the neighborhood’s fields.

Sheepshead Bites’ calls for comment to the 61st Precinct this morning received a busy signal.

In addition to attacking seniors, a volunteer fire department chief, and NYPD vehicles, noted the following:

  • physical damage – including a broken window – to three buses, ultimately shutting down the B31 line
  • a deliveryman assaulted while riding a moped
  • two Hasidim were chased by teens who were throwing rocks at them ( calls this a “classic hate crime approach”)

In addition to an entire photo gallery dedicated to the carnage, collected screenshots from Facebook of many teens involved in the attacks. It details their plans as they coordinate buying eggs from local markets, establish a meeting place, and boast about the destruction they unleashed.

Some of the Facebook comments include:

  • Maverick J.: Wooaa the copss justt stooped mee … (reply to self) … they tried to arrest me I huitt a cop car wit a egg
  • Jerry D.: hillariouss day the cops were afraid to get outa their car so they called the fire department nd they started chasin kids backwees wi the firehose
  • Matthew C.: Yo it was so funny wen they hit the bus driver himself I also hit a nypd car and others

At least one teen’s actions appeared to have been sanctioned by his mother. Michael G., 16, wrote of his plans to go bombing. His mother, Michelle, replied via Facebook, “Have Fun but plz Becareful there’s a lot of cops out! And make sure you check on jonathan every now and then!”

Michael later wrote, “bombi o the ave hitting cops cars broke 2 bus truck windows”

Three people “Liked” that update.

Michael’s mother later replied to a commenter on who criticized her parenting. She wrote:

This is Michaels Mom, YES I did let him go bombing like every other kid in GB! And YES I did tell him to have fun and watch oout for cops!This has been going on for yrs in GB. I allowed eggs and shaving cream. This DID NOT include rocks or potatoes! I am disgusted with this behavior myself and as soon as i heard what was going on I went and picked him up myself.


Gerritsen Beach is notorious for its Halloween chaos, but according to this year’s actions went beyond previous years.

Editorial note: The original version of this post included the full names of some involved. We’ve decided to remove the last names as many of them are minors, and their level of involvement has not been determined or proven. So far, all of the information provided are allegations substantiated only through photos and reportage via, and not by local authorities.

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  1. Exact opposite of our hood this year! This was the cleanest year that I have ever seen in Sheepshead Bay! No broken eggs or shaving cream anywhere! Go Sheepshead!

  2. what else is new. that is why i would not consider buying any property along that strip for my safety.

  3. And this is why we wrapped up our trick or treating there early, as we did last year. Wonderful neighborhood for the kids during the day, but get the hell out when it starts getting late.

  4. I made a few posts on their website trying to help and I was told by someone in no uncertain terms that anyone who doesn’t live there isn’t welcome to comment on their site. In other words Stay out. Someone else commented that not everyone who lives there is an idiot.

  5. The lack of police response is inexcusable. They should do whatever is necessary when kids get out of control. This merely encourages the kids to increase the level of violence. (And it is violence)

    Gerritsen Beach has some strong community organizations. I hope that they start taking these “rituals” more seriously and demand more police involvement.

    I don’t expect some of the parents to “get it”. They were doing the same things when they were kids.

    It’s just plain disgusting.

  6. Absolutely horrible behavior. This is to be expected from a bunch of immature kids, but the cops ignoring calls to 911? To me it reeks of a scam to keep the crime stats low.

    Real crimes were committed here, not just vandalism, but they conspired to break the law, doesn’t that reach the status of felony? The proof is right there on Facebook.

    Maybe someone should contact the Brooklyn DA directly.

  7. all this was going on when their drunk parents were smoking crack in the bantry prob. no wonder that neighborhood has no property value.

  8. That’s terrible. It happened once to my house, but I caught the kids and told their parents. Unfortunately, here too parents can act like its no big deal. I had to clean it myself.

    Were other houses on your block hit as well?

  9. What do you expect in Gerritsen beach! From what I understand, it is populated by cops and firefighters. Protected by the PBA Do you expect their children to behave?

  10. It’s true. The entire area is cops & firefighters and their kids are allowed to get away with anything. It’s pretty awful

  11. That happened to me too, except i Egged the parents and the kids when i caught them… i used to be a pitcher for the J.M. Golden Knights LOL I have great aim.

    this year however our neighborhood was quiet… ( Thank God ) it’s sucks to hear that Gerritsin wasn’t 🙁 Hope the people who got hurt Recover quickly.

    As for those Teens….. Don’t worry Karma will screw up there plans Really soon no one gets away from Karma.

  12. LOL this might be a bad idea and all but how about we all get together next halloween and invade the Gerritsen beach Area with eggs and shaving cream…. this way when the kids get back home, they see a mess at there houses so they feel the pain these people felt.

  13. i am going to correct you on that….. Gerritsen Beach has a lot of Irish that live there…. not red necks.

    Soooo All those little Basterds you see are either Irish, or a Strain of Irish.

  14. Lots of these kids will grow up and become miserable adults. Unfortunately, being miserable adults they will continue to incur more bad karma. Eventually that karma is going to get them in the worst way possible.

  15. Half of these kids have parents on relatives in NYPD or FDNY that is why they act so ballzy, they were told by their parents that they can get away with anything because… their uncle John .. will save their ass

  16. Your such a liar! I simply asked you WHY you would bother to comment about parking in a place that you said you only drove thru once a couple of years ago. I didn’t even come close to telling you that anyone who doesn’t live there isn’t welcome to comment on that website. You say I told you in ‘no uncertain terms’. That is a LIE. I simply tried to ask you why you would waste your time commenting on something that has NOTHING to do with you, I asked what your motivation was. The guy that wrote that not everyone there is not an idiot? Beach Bum? Read some of his other posts. He’s a complete moron.

  17. Yes, Red Necks are supposed to be Protestant in the minds of many. However, Irish have a Grand Tradition of hooliganism that apparently did not die out after the days of Studs Lonigan in the 1920’s (novel by James T. Farrell).

  18. I would not assume that is the reason. I would think it has more to do with GB being in their minds their collective little village, and therefore they can practice the social mores of hooliganism with great pride, while believing that they have the tacit approval of many elders. Plus, it maintains the image of GB as being “a no man’s land” for those demographics that would not be appreciated there. As the song goes, “every cloud has a silver lining” (sarcastically said).

  19. I wonder if many of the parents of these hooligan GB kids observed November 1 as a Holy Day of Obligation?


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