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Gerritsen Beach Keeps Its Dirty Laundry In A Lockbox


Despite outrage from Gerritsen Beach residents towards the teen-induced terror on Halloween, the issue was barely a footnote at last week’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting.

None of the parents, business owners or victims affected attended the Wednesday night meeting to request a stronger police response for next year’s Halloween. Nor did the incident make it into Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas’ 5-minute report [above].

The issue did surface briefly, though, when a Sheepshead Bay resident expressed concern for the victims, and Mastrokostas said the issue has been on his mind. [5:00 in video above]

“The day after, when we heard all this, the commotion, the next thought was ‘What are we going to do next year to make sure this isn’t happening?'” Mastrokostas said. He added that they’re looking for ways to better engage the Gerritsen Community. “We’re going to work with Gerritsen and George [Broadhead of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association] next year, and truly believe we’re going to have a better Halloween.”

Broadhead, for his part, thanked the precinct for “always showing up” to their civic meetings and addressing concerns. [6:14 in video above]

“Despite the anonymous negative comments on website, [the NYPD] didn’t have too much choice on Halloween in Gerritsen Beach,” he said “And they still come to our meetings, fielded all the questions by parents, and all the questions that anybody had to ask.”

As recently as today, has documented continued vandalism from local teens, who over the weekend were spotted throwing rocks at buses, people and cars. Residents of the community refuse to come forward and file formal complaints against the teenagers involved in any of the incidents.

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  1. Well, if it is true that the area is populated by families of police officers, I don’t blame victims for not willing to come forward.

  2. It has nothing to do with whether cops live in GB or not. Look t the big picture, not the small part you see through your knothole.

    Mastrokostas will be promoted or demoted based on the cold hard numbers ofr crime rising or dropping in the 61st Precinct. And those numbers and the reality may not line up in a manner Commissioner Kelly would like it. And what happened on Halloween-felonious assaults, destruction of property, dangerous reckless endangerment of pedestrians and motorists-doesn’t fit in Bloomberg’s CRIME IS DOWN fasntasy. This is not to say Mastrokostas is corrupt or willfully violating his oath, merely that he is an NYPD precinct commander playing the game as duly set out for him and everyone else by Kelly and Bloomberg-2 craven pols who have a vested interest in pretending they are doing a great job rather than playing numbers games.

    Education-same thing. Cathy Black will have the same kind of BS stats that Joel Klein always had at hand to back her up to show us all what a genius she is. And soon.

    It’s good to own a media company. Homicides are up 16%.

  3. I am tempted to give my cell phone number to Daniel so he can call me next time he sees kids throwing rocks. I wanna roll up 5-10 people deep and beat the shit out of the kids. Just to prove a point: “Red necks don’t belong in Brooklyn.”

  4. It hurts me to see Bloomass and D.I.George’s name in the same paragraph.
    Deputy George is a hands on person and who deals with matters brought to his attention.

  5. I think that its time for George Broadhead to stop dividing the community by constantly referencing “anonymous” commenters on the Gerritsen Beach newsblog. Perhaps if they saw evidence that their concerns were being addressed they wouldn’t feel a need to be anonymous.

    One can express an acceptance of the decisions made by police without challenging the credibility of local residents who witnessed acts that left physical evidence. Community leaders should be supporting the responsible members of that community. They should be even giving the appearance of ignoring the concerns of residents. Even if the residents feel intimidated and thusly refuse to use their own names.

  6. Red necks? Theses little shits aside , I am sure the good people of GB have been in BKLYN for as long if not longer than most. There is nothing wrong with a small tight community that enjoys the outdoors and the best rural BKLYN has to offer. Blame those that deserve it not the entire area.

  7. I blame those who do nothing just as much as those that deserve it. If my neighbor’s kid did something stupid, and got my neighborhood a bad reputation (hence lowering my property’s perceived value) and then find out that that neighbor not only didn’t reprimand their child but rather made excuses for him….I’d take matters into my own hands.

  8. Gerritsen Beach has been, is still, and always will be, Brooklyn’s white trash trailor park. Anyone who has lived in the surrounding area for any length of time knows this.
    It is a sub culture. They are too ignorant to be embarrased, and to drunk to give a damn what thier kids are doing. Tell your kids to stay out of the Beach. Nothing good comes out of the Beach. It just crawls through it.

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