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Gerritsen Beach Blogger Faces Harrassment

Remains of a pumpkin lobbed at the blogger's family home.

Upset residents of Gerritsen Beach are taking up arms – and pumpkins – against local blogger Daniel Cavanagh following his posts outing several teenaged hooligans terrorizing residents on Halloween.

At least one angry neighbor turned to property damage to settle scores, lobbing a pumpkin at the blogger’s family’s home over the weekend. The pumpkin cracked the house’s vinyl siding when it was hit on Saturday night, around 10 p.m. Cavanagh said he filed a police report with the 61st Precinct.

That same night, an angry father of one of the teens Cavanagh exposed attempted to intimidate’s blogger. Cavanagh was running a Rock Band karaoke night at the Tamaqua, a local bar. The father stood near the entrance, waiting for Cavanagh to finish up, the blogger told us. Bouncers protected him and eventually asked the father to leave.

Cavanagh also said his father has faced some harassment since the post went online, with parents shouting at him during the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association (GBPOA) meeting and complaining to him in private.

Some residents are miffed with Cavanagh after he wrote about the mayhem local teens wrought along Gerritsen Avenue on Halloween. His post included photos of some of the 50-plus teenagers throwing eggs, potatoes, rocks and even a hammer at cars, pedestrians, buses, NYPD and firemen. He also published screenshots of the teens’ public Facebook pages, where they boasted about their misdeeds. Last week, Cavanagh was blasted by angry parents who alleged he is a pedophile “unscrewing” the community at a GBPOA meeting.

But Cavanagh isn’t backing down. He said he’ll continue to go about his “usual business,” but will “look both ways” until things settle down. He also stands by his decision and won’t be taking down the photos or Facebook photos, he told us.

“[Renee Sior-Cullen, the outraged mother who dominated the GBPOA meeting,] was screaming that we have to take care of our own,” Cavanagh told Sheepshead Bites. “But taking care of our own isn’t protecting the behavior of whoever did this. It’s protecting our neighbors and community where our kids want to continue to live.”

A closeup of some of the damage from the tossed pumpkin.
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  1. I call on web viewers to pass through GB whenever you have the chance.
    See if the tourist attraction is funny.
    You will surely have more police presence.

  2. That is so horrible. This poor guy did nothing wrong.. Its so sad that Danny & his family have to be subjected to such trash! Welcome to GB!! I hope these Gerritsen Rats get taken down..Hopefully all works out well for danny

  3. That is so horrible. This poor guy did nothing wrong.. Its so sad that Danny & his family have to be subjected to such trash! Welcome to GB!! I hope these Gerritsen Rats get taken down..Hopefully all works out well for danny

  4. Journalists, reporters, bloggers have to beware in countries like russia, mexico, and a list of others because their writing pisses off the wrong people. Lets not do this in America.

  5. I did not know the man personally but I believe that he was a devoted volunteer in organizations in the beach. Any one who gives up their own time to contribute to the betterment of their community shoul be given some consideration for that effort.

  6. Dan should put up a webcam on his property so he can broadcast the cowards to the world. Gerritsen is looking better and better with each passing day!

  7. gerristen beach’s resident are disgusting. Reminds me of hill billy recknecks who don’t know what the hell they are talking about. No one they keep to their own. They’re so dumb.

  8. Unfortunately, the few loudmouths and troublemakers give all the good residents there a bad name. You know that is the case because the overwhelming majority of comments from GB residents on support Danny, not the parents and the delinquents.

  9. wow…. instead of talking to their kids and talking to them about what in the hell they were thinking, they get angry at Cavanagh?

    No wonder these kids are hooligans and delinquents.

  10. If we’re talking bout the guy who stood outside the Tamaqua, his presence speaks for itself. It negates whatever seemingly positive things he has done.

  11. The kids are just as big of Delinquents as the Parents.

    If you ever seen the movie Kids, Well…….there ya have it, Gerritsen Beach.

  12. Let’s put them on notice that they are being watched.

    Would be nice if the police did this, and if they attack the police send convoys of police cars. The good citizens will appreciate this. Those who might cause trouble will get the message. Time to start treating Gerritsen Beach as a hotspot for trouble.

  13. I wish to ask everyone to stop characterizing the entire community of Gerritsen Beach as ignorant and destructive. It is a minority there that causes all of the negativity associated with that community. The good people of that community need to stand together now, knowing that there is great power in numbers. They need to stand up proudly for what is right, and send this minority a firm message that their behavior will not be tolerated anymore. If the current leaders of the community insist on ignoring wrongs or exonerating those who commit them they should be replaced.

    We who do not live in Gerritsen Beach can help them by encouraging them to take back their community from the thugs and the incompetents.

  14. From the news articles I’ve read concerning the Halloween antics in Gerritsen Beach over the past few years, and from some of the comments made in those articles, it would seem that this kind of destructive behavior is “tradition,” and at least a number of people who *should* be responsible adults look upon these hate crimes and vandalism fondly.

    If the minority doesn’t want their misbehavior made public, and the majority hasn’t been able to put up a united front against them, then perhaps public scorn is the only medicine. City-wide, state-wide, national or even global attention might be the only thing that will make Gerritsen Beach clean up its act.

  15. I think the problem is that the good people of the neighborhood are scared of the thugs who run things and don’t want retaliation. They only aren’t afraid when they can be anonymous behind their computer. Notice how the thugs have noticed this and have asked for their names. That is so they can retaliate. It’s difficult to talk sense into someone when you are talking to a moron.

  16. unfortunately is seems like there is more than just few loudmouths that give all the good residents there a bad name.

  17. see this is what is wrong, you have punks starting trouble and there parents defend them as angels. they all should of been in jail david did the right thing

  18. They are not going to talk any sense unto morons. They have to stand up. the way Dan has been doing, and stop taking crap. Because if they don’t the animals will be emboldened. Bullies don’t stand a chance against an angry majority.

    Goons are the same everywhere. They do best in small town environments like Gerritsen Beach. But unlike other small town environments Gerritsen Beach is part of a large city. The good people of Gerritsen Beach can get help from a police department that is large enough to intimidate those who want to make unrest. Perhaps they have to be pressured to do so, but its in their best interest to participate in the cleaning process.

    Boss Tweed said to the reformers in NYC “What are you gong to do about it”? They responded by nailing him om a multitude of criminal charges. The same question is being asked now, and the answer is for the community to stand up as one and tell their leaders to start acting like leaders or they’ll get new ones. That’s step one.

  19. I accidently hit the like button. This is not Russia, nor Mexico. America, ya know freedom of stuff. If it pisses them off it must be hitting the right buttons.

  20. Yes ,there are snakes in that grass. Danny needs physical support. I have been passing through the area whenever I can. The more the merrier.

  21. The point of Eitan’s comment was that it will be too late to sound the alarm once Mr. Cavanagh name will appear on a Committee to Protect Journalists site (see a link in my comment below)…

    It really isn’t that hard for the United States to become “Russia”. Step 1: start a war under the pretense of helping that nation – check. Step 2: start killing ideological opponents, such as abortion providers – check. Step 3: …

  22. Good advice and I think that’s what some of them are trying to do judging from the comments on

  23. Not everyone in the neighborhood is like that, not even close. We are just not in the habit of making fools of ourselves like some parents who are such loudmouths. If my kids ever acted in the manner those kids acted in, it would be the end of the world as they know it. Many of us in the neighborhood do know our responsibilities to our kids, family, neighbors and community, and we take care of them. Please don’t generalize the entire neighborhood because of the few loudmouths.

  24. This is a sad story. The blogger is truly a brave guy. In a neighborhood like the Beach, it takes bravery to cover the news in a truthful way. I just hope that he does his job in a balanced way. As far as Halloween is concerned, I believe an investigation is being conducted. What really transpired with the police? What really took place with the kids, the parents? From what I have seen and read, it seemed one sided, with the kids wilding. Were the parents supervising their children? How was the behavior in the adjacent neighborhoods?

  25. From reading the coverage in Courier-Life it appears to me that the Police have been investigating and have tried to get to the bottom of this with the problem being that few if any people from Gerritsen Beach wanting to come forward. Apparently statements on Facebook alone and pictures are not enough evidence.

  26. This is why in-breeding is a bad idea in a trailer trash community without any trailers. These cretins are as un-American as Nazis and Commies. Too bad forced sterilization is illegal now. An entire future generation could be saved if we snipped a few Gerritsen Beach males, and tied a few Gerritsen Beach woman.

  27. This poor guy and his family. The parents are only mad cause their kids were CAUGHT performing criminal acts of violence, and NOT for the acts themselves. If I was in Danny’s position, I would have done the same thing too! It’s refreshing to see someone stand up for his neighborhood and not be afraid!!

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  29. There should be a statue of limitations on this site so that 6 year old news stories may not be resurrected. And there should be a statute of limitations too !


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