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Geico Van Making The Rounds In Southern Brooklyn


Sheepshead Bay’s streets look like some sort of zombie movie, with junked cars scattered about, half up on curves or even burned out in the middle of the street. Some are victims of the flood’s salty waters, which got into vehicles’ wiring or fried other parts of the machinery. Others burned after faulty attempts to jump start dead vehicles.

The number of cars Hurricane Sandy destroyed hasn’t even begun to be quantified – but on our streets, it’s a heckuva lot.

That’s why Geico has deployed mobile catastrophe teams to expedite the claims process, including near-immediate visits by adjusters.

The one above was in front of Applebee’s on Emmons Avenue last week, where we met Erik Leach, a marketing guy for the company. Here’s what he had to say about what Geico’s up to:

Most of our policyholders have been seen and settled their claim, however with the overwhelming damage and number of claims, there are still policyholders waiting, which is why we’ve deployed hundreds of claims adjusters from around the U.S. to help our NY adjusters settle claims as quickly as possible. We have mobile command centers set up throughout the hard hit areas, however those in the surrounding neighborhoods with no power, may not know we are here. That’s why we have sent the RV into the communities to be visible to those in need. The residents here are waiting on signs and help to get life back to normal or as close to it as possible, and thats what we are here to offer. If someone still needs an adjuster, they can come to the RV with their claim number, and we can reassign their claim to one of our Catastrophe adjusters, who have been able to see policyholders within 24-48 hrs. The RV is parked to let South Brooklyn know, we are here and we can help. We also have bottled water we’re handing out to anyone who needs it. GEICO is the number one auto insurer in NY, so when our policyholders need us, we are there in numbers.

Leach added that the vans will roam the neighborhood for several more weeks.

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  1. i wish nationwide was this good, they didnt even make a appointment with me and i called them as the water was going back into the canal.

  2. Both my Mercedes and BMW had Florida license plates to save on insurance, now both of my brand new cars are total losses and my insurance company is denying my claim. OMG I’m going to lose over 100k because of this. This is horrible my basement also flooded and ruined my fur coats. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was on line for gas on Jerome Ave and a woman working for Geico was appraising a car. She was from down south and sent here to help with the claims that # about 5,000.

  4. If this is not a joke, I say good for you. If this is a joke, which most probably it is, then you are a moron, for posting it.

  5. You are a hater, only the basement of my Manhattan Beach house was flooded. I also lost the food in my fridge, but it’s ok because my EBT card will take care of that.

  6. My car battery died in my driveway when a Geico adjuster arrived next door. He pulled out jumper cables to assist us. Then we realized he had a Prius and couldn’t give a jump. He flagged down a passing van who agreed to come back in his private car to help. While we waited a neighbor came & gave us a jump using the Geico representative’s cables. The van driver returned as well…3 strangers came to our aide. During this episode I saw a 2nd Geico car drive by. I haven’t seen any other company out in marked cars. I wish I had this man’s name. I would send a letter of praise to his company. Thanks to all for the help.

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