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Gas Rationing Begins Today – Odd-Even System Implemented


At 6:00 a.m. today, New York City joined New Jersey in instituting an Odd-Even License Plate System for gas purchases in an attempt to reduce long lines at gas-starved pumps.

Vehicles with license plates ending in an even number or zero shall only purchase fuel in NYC on even numbered days of the month. Passenger automobiles with license plates ending in an odd number shall only purchase fuel in NYC on odd numbered days of the month. License plates not ending in a number shall be deemed an odd number license plate.

This system will continue until further notice.

To help find functioning and stocked gas stations, you can use this map of Sandy-related initiatives, including gas stations, food distribution points, shelters, volunteer locations, etc. Similarly, there’s, and Hess has been updating its website with location and inventory information every two hours.

Do you think the odd-even system will help you get gas?

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  1. Is the gas station @ Ocean Ave and Jerome even open. I think it’s a BP. This morning at 6:20am I was walking to work and I saw cars lined up around the bend and going down avenue Z waiting to get gas. Only they were waiting behind cars that were empty. Probably just assuming it was a line?

  2. it does not seem to be helping much: lines are very long, and according to gasbuddy not that many gas stations have fuel in Brooklyn.

  3. Bloomey should have started this over a week ago. I am 100% sure he did not wait on any lines, his trees are trimmed, his street is clean as a whistle, has electric.

  4. Oh come off it. The man takes the subway to work, and lives in an area unaffected by Sandy. This isn’t the same as the blizzard where there was a systematic failure by DSNY and the mayor’s office. If he has a private car and the tank is full it’s likely because like first responders, his having gas is a lot more important to getting this city back on track. Perhaps rationing should have begun a week ago and there are things to criticize Bloomberg about, but don’t act childishly towards a person on whom the city relies having access to resources which let him do his job.

  5. How is this going to help if majority of the stations don’t have gas. The BP on Crawford and coney was open on Wednesday until they ran out of gas that evening. I spoke to the manager and he gets delivery twice a week and he tells me that he calls for more gas but they tell him they dont have. (and he gets charged extra for unscheduled deliveries but he didnt go in to it)

  6. I got gas this morning at 2:30 at On the Run on Gerritsen and Ave. U. Half hour wait. The Sunoco across the street got a delivery at the same time. Hope this helps!

  7. GREAT IDEA. it’s a lot better then a bunch of asshats trying to get gas at the same time….. Well played Bloomie, Should have been implemented a week ago though i agree..

  8. Anyone know if you’re buying gas for a gas can, does the odd-even rule apply? Because maybe it’s for your generator not your car, right? Do you even need to have a driver license to buy gas in a gas can?

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