Garfield Place Homes Flood With Sewer Water After Weekend’s Heavy Rains


It turns out local businesses aren’t the only ones who are suffering from the recent heavy rains. Park Slope homes dealt¬†with overflowing sewer water seeping into basements, through the floors, and even out of the sink this past weekend.¬†CBS 2 reports:

It all started with the heavy rain Friday and Saturday, up and down the entire block of Garfield Place near Eighth Avenue. The sewage flooding continued off and on all weekend, and the curbs were left littered with wet carpets, damaged sheet rock, and bags of debris.

What’s more frustrating than the foot-deep water and soggy floorboards has been the city’s response, or lack thereof. Homeowners told CBS that city crews failed to find the sewer blockage at an initial inspection on Friday, and couldn’t locate or solve the problem until a return visit on Sunday night– after consistent complaints.

The worry seems to be that working with century-old sewer lines makes a permanent solution difficult. Have you guys experienced any flooding problems? Any horror stories from the past?

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