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Garfield Farm Market To Close


Closing: Garfield Farm Market on 7th Avenue
Yet another store on 7th Avenue is about to be vacant, as Garfield Farm Market at 156 7th Avenue on the corner of Garfield is going out of business. A sign announcing the closure is posted on the awning outside, and FIPS, which first reported the news, notes that it’s because of a rent increase.

We’re definitely going to miss their flowers — it’s always been one of our go-to spots for inexpensive, and long-lasting, bouquets.

We recently took a look at all of the storefronts currently, and soon-to-be, available for rent along 7th Avenue and just off the main street. Including this new one, there are 14 between Flatbush Avenue and 9th Street, ranging in rent from $3,800 to $14,000 per month. There’s no listing yet for this spot, but we’d guess it will be toward the higher end — unless, that it, the landlord actually hopes to rent it sooner rather than later.

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  1. Wow, these rents are out of control. As are the rents for apartments/homes. I’v lived in PS for the last 12 years, but I’m moving to Greenwood.

  2. I hope the “friend of a friend of a blogger” explanation about high rents forcing this closure is not true (or at least not the whole truth). I like the tough old guy who runs this place and the mostly friendly people on the staff – I don’t see any store in this neighborhood that works as hard as this one does. I hope he and at least some of his coworkers are headed for a comfortable and well deserved retirement. I will miss them. I won’t miss that bum on the milk crate, though, I wonder where he’ll relocate to?

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