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Garbage Theory #3: And The Pile Grows…


GARBAGE GAZETTEWith the trash bin long past full, people have started delicately balancing coffee cups and other wonderful decorations in nooks in the trash heap. But they haven’t stayed there long, as it looks like there’s been a few mini avalanches. The worst part is the area between the can and the light pole, which I didn’t capture very well in this photo.

It’s also pouring out more towards the street, and more litter is filling the sewer drain:

We say it again: before last week, when there was no can at this Avenue Z and East 14th Street corner, there was no garbage problem. Now we’ve got a can, and we’ve got a garbage problem.

Following our update yesterday, a few readers asked if we were suggesting that all trash cans be removed, or if more pickups are needed, or if just this can needs to be removed, or this or that or the other. The answer is, we don’t know. There was a theory that garbage cans lead to more garbage, not less, and so cans should be removed. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

But one thing’s for sure: this is officially a mess.

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  1. It was ages before I noticed that there were no bins in Central London…they hve different reasons for not having them, though. But I didn’t notice a garbage problem.

  2. If that garbage wasn’t in the can it would be flying around our streets and you wouldn’t notice it. Garbage cans attract garbage, this is a fact. In a highly populated area like this the trash can cannot simply be ignored it has to be cleaned and maintained multiple times a week. 

    It should be emptied every 2 days, no matter what. Mon, Wed, and Friday make sense. 

    This is where intelligent city programs could take the place of throwing money at the problem. If it’s really that difficult to alter the city’s trash pick up schedule to fold this in then they can find alternate methods to get it picked up. 

    Maybe in return for a reduction in taxes or fee’s private garbage trucks, the one that serve businesses, could pitch in and pick up the can. There is no BID on Sheepshead Bay road is there? If there was a Business Alliance they could pay for it as well. 

    The cops are so busy watching people for traffic violations how about actually ticketing people for littering, and every dollar from every ticket written would go towards financing clean neighborhood initiatives.

  3. Hope our Assemblyman reads this and understands that our sanitation removal is woefully inadequate.  But then again, he, too, is woefully inadequate. 

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