Ditmas Park

Gap Factory Store Slated To Open On Flatbush Avenue, Across From Kings Theatre



So, you know all that construction happening on Flatbush Avenue, just across from the Kings Theatre (which, of course, is also undergoing enormous renovation work)? We’ve just found out that the corner space will become a Gap Factory Store – and the building that’ll house it is slated to be finished come November.


(Also, we have to tell you that, while looking at the rendering of said Gap plans this morning, one of the construction workers actually sang “fall into the Gaaaap,” which will now forever reside on loop in our heads.)

In addition to the news about the Gap, we saw that there are now renderings for the Crunch Gym that’s being built next door to the Best Western hotel at 1024-1030 Flatbush Avenue.



All of this means a lot of change for this stretch of Flatbush Avenue, and we wanted to see what you thought about all of it? How do you think it’ll change the area? What do you think of the incoming Gap?


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  1. If it’s like the Gap Factory store on Fulton Street, I’m looking forward. They have great stuff for good prices.

  2. Fantastic! These are all such great businesses that will really improve the area and surrounding community! I can’t wait for the TGI Fridays too.

  3. Crunch gym!!! Best new ever! I won’t have to take the subway to Ft Greene anymore. Awesome gym!!!

  4. The Flatbush BID and the NYPD need to address the E21st Street gang issues. Let’s see how long we can go without gun violence in that area. Then I’ll consider rejoining Bally’s, cuz it’s cheaper!

  5. well at least it will provide jobs. I still would not venture to that part of the nabe – just a little bit too busy for me.

  6. They need to sort out the traffic problems before Flatbush Av can make a real step forward. Driving through that road is like a tour of duty.

  7. It’s going to completely destroy the community in that area, but I’ll shop there, because I’m tired of wearing Target. And visiting relatives will stay at the hotel.

  8. The moment they put a TGI Friday’s up in our hood, that’s when you know it’s time to move farther south. I’m thinkin Kings Highway…

  9. How on earth will a GAP outlet store destroy an entire community? First of all there’s one in Bay Ridge and they seem to be hanging in there. This line of thought reminds me of Mayor Quimby’s immortal line “You’re nothing but a pack of fickle mush heads.”

    Flatbush is a heavily populated commercial strip that needs a boost in both jobs and businesses that draw people to it from other neighborhoods. An affordable version of a popular clothing store is not going to destroy a community anymore than a bar that attracts dudes wearing weird mustaches will. Ditmas Park/Flatbush has some of the most easily outraged people I’ve encountered in all my years in New York.

    I do agree that TGIFs, on the other hand, could single-handedly destroy Flatbush, though.

  10. Dude, just go hang out there and get a feel for the community before you assume that they won’t be displaced by Flatbush Avenue becoming a middle class chain store shopping center. It was inevitable once the King’s Theatre renovation went through, but don’t pretend that it isn’t happening.

  11. Fair enough. I don’t doubt that the King’s Theatre renovation signals a move to gentrify that area, and that’s certainly something worth watching. And I also get that chain stores are awful the whole nation over. I just question, specifically, how a low-priced version of a popular clothing store destroys a community. What would be a better retail clothing alternative for that strip? Is there anything inherently wrong with a clothing store? Do you want that space to go to smaller private businesses? Would another Bobby’s be preferred? Should that building not be zoned for retail at all? I think it’s essential to “get a feel for the culture” of an area and not to just steamroll it with chains, but I also thing that those kind of statements are increasingly as empty an answer as “business helps everyone” to the problem of gentrification and changing neighborhoods

  12. I think that what the guest meant is that the GAP factory store will destroy the entire community *IF* it is filled to the roof with dynamite and then detonated.

    However, since there is currently no plan involving dynamite, everything should be fine.

  13. So, what, I shouldn’t express regret that a community is in the process of being destroyed? I already said I’d be shopping there and directing business to the hotel, which is hardly the sternest condemnation on the matter.

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