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Gandolfini’s Last Film Was Shot All Over Southern Brooklyn

Source: facebook
Source: facebook

Actor James Gandolfini passed away tragically last week in Italy, but even though the man is gone, his last film will bring him back to life – in the streets of Southern Brooklyn. The New York Daily News is reporting that Gandolfini’s last film, Animal Control, was shot in Sheepshead Bay, Marine park and Flatlands and that Gandolfini connected with many of the local residents while shooting there.

According to IMDB, Animal Rescue, which stars British actor Tom Hardy, is a crime-drama about a lost dog, a scam-artist and a killing. Gandolfini’s scenes were wrapped up about a month ago, making it his final performance. Gandolfini’s friend, Mike Sullivan, who spent a lot of time with the star on his last shoot, describes Gandolofini’s role in the film to the Daily News.

“He plays this bookie who owes money to some Chechen mobsters who wind up taking over his bar and his book,” Sullivan told the Daily News. “He called me the day he flew in to meet the director who was scouting bars in the neighborhood. Jimmy said he really wanted to work with this guy Tom Hardy, an English actor.”

Sullivan and Gandolfini visited many locations in Southern Brooklyn, including Joe LaRussa’s store, called Barber Shop (East 28th Street and Avenue U). LaRussa was heartbroken at the news of Gandolfini’s death, remembering him as a “regular guy.”

“Mike, I’m so sorry about your friend,” he says in an Italian accent. “I tell people James Gandolfini parked his big trailer right in front of my store when he was shooting around the corner at the pizzeria. He posed for a picture. The damned picture didn’t come out. I was so upset. But not as upset as when I hear on the radio that James Gandolfini died in Roma. Oh my God, such a nice guy. A regular guy. Everybody who comes in my store was so, so upset. I have to see the movie he shot here when it comes out.”

For a figure as inspiring, talented and down to earth like Gandolfini to die suddenly, a profoundly sad void is left in anyone that appreciated his work.

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  1. What is it? A slow news summer already?! While it saddens me to hear of this actor’s passing (and at such a young age), who certainly was an iconic figure in his fantasy role in the “Sopranos” soap opera, do WE here in southern Brooklyn really need to adopt, this Jersey Boy too, to give us validity?! For crying out loud, (although many of our newcomers might be clueless), we’ve had many more made men, folks of notoriety, and yes, many (if not most!) of the best and the brightest, in just the old Borough Park, Bensonhurst, Flatbush, and Sheepshead Bay, than the whole state of New Jersey (and you can throw in the province of Staten Island too!), throughout their histories! Geez!!!

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