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Fundraiser For Family Of Soldier Killed In Motorcycle Accident


On July 16, 2o12, active U.S. Army soldier Steven Isris was killed in a motorcycle accident off Avenue P and East 8th Street, an accident we first wrote about when friends of Isris contacted us seeking information from the community about the accident. At the time Isris was in critical condition; he passed away a short time later.

He is survived by his loving family, friends, fiance, and unborn child. Steven was 23 years old when he passed away, and, in remembrance, his family is holding a fundraiser to raise money for his fiance Svetlana, and their child on the way.

The event is a poker night to be held on October 13, and donations collected will be used to establish the Steven Isris Fund for his family. Some donations will be used for raffles and prizes for the event that Steven’s family hopes to turn into an annual affair. You can donate money or find more information on the fundraiser here.

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  1. Not really related, but a few nights ago, I saw a motorcycle speeding down Oriental Boulevard at at least 70 mph. A few minutes later he sped again in the other direction. This has to stop before we have yet another tragedy.

  2. Question: Why do they deserve money?
    Sure this sounds heartless, but does every family who has a relative die hold fundraisers? Why is this guy special?

  3. Stiven is a very special young man. I’m not a friend of his, or his family. I’m a florist, he used to buy flowers for his loved ones from me, but I saw kindness in his eyes. Respectful, smart, kind, carring.. Before you start to judge, search a little.. Meet his family.

  4. The Fundraising Event itself will be held on Saturday October 13th.  2932 West 5th Street Brooklyn, NY 11224.  In the recreation room of the building.  For more information please feel free to contact me via email. [email protected]

  5. Yelena, you are 150% right.  Of course as a family member i am going to say this, but its true.  Out of the whole family he was one of the ones that never said No to anyone.  He was an amazing person and soldier.  His legacy will live on forever. Yelena, also thank you for always putting flowers at the memorial.  It looks beautiful 🙂 

  6. Everyone who walks the earth is special in the hearts of those who have had the privledge to know them.  Every life which is ended too soon is a loss.  A loss for the family and a loss for those who were not yet touched by this person.  A loss of the future contribution this person would have made to society.  I doubt people are thinking of deserving.  People are more likely thinking of owing.   What makes us human is our hearts.   Our sense of family.   We defend, we protect, we love, we care for and lend a hand.  We are compassionate.  Let us never forget who we are. 

  7. They are trying to use the title of “active soldier” to their advantage. However, how was he active in 2012? According to record he served from 2007 to 2008. People need to stop playing the “military” card because true heroes die on battlefields and they are the ones that deserve fundraisers.

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