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Frigid Conditions Greet Pavilion Audience Members Sunday


We want to love the Pavilion, we really do, but they make it awfully difficult sometimes. Once again, the theater appears to have lost heat, leaving Sunday moviegoers huddling together for warmth.

“I spent a good $50 in there, and they can’t have heat?” Sammy Widde told the New York Post. “I could almost see my breath. It was like an ice box. Everyone was complaining.”

Theater management said they instructed ticket-sellers to warn customers of the frigid conditions, but according to the Post, several audience members claim they were not given the news beforehand.

We called the Pavilion around 3pm on Monday, and were told that the heaters in the Hunger Games theaters are now functioning properly, but if you’re headed to see Free Birds or 12 Years a Slave, bundle up because they’re still out of order.

Living Room Cafe

As if that weren’t enough, we spotted for rent signs taped up outside the Living Room Cafe, which opened in August of this year, so it would appear that they’re already closed for business.

Living Room Cafe Store For Rent

The whole theater just makes us sad. It could be such a fantastic space if the owners would give it the attention that it deserves. What do you think, South Slope? Have you given up on the Pavilion, or is there still hope that she’ll come back from her sorely dilapidated state?

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  1. I wonder if the building infrastructure has problems that consume the owners’ attention and money. Maybe the Cobble Hill Cinema folks could give them some pointers? I know PPW isn’t Court Street, but c’mon….

  2. I was done with the Pavilion 2 years ago when I got a “reclining chair” in a frigid theatre. Never again! I would rather wait for the dvd or trek into the city for an enjoyable movie going experience. Never again!

  3. 1. I am exceptionally lazy
    2. I love movies

    I still won’t go to the Pavilion anymore. Creaky chairs, missing seats, you name it. Amazing how fast a theater can fall in the span of ten years. A shame.

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