Western Brooklyn

Friday Photo Finish: Holiday Lights

84th Street and 12th Avenue, Dyker Heights (Photo by Frank P.)

A huge thanks to all of our readers who sent in such fantastic holiday lights photos!

From Bay Ridge, to Dyker Heights, to Gravesend – you helped show the world that Southwestern Brooklyn has some of the most beautiful and over the top Christmas displays in New York City – a place known all over the globe for its holiday season decorations.

84th Street and 12th Avenue (Photo by Frank P.)
84th Street and 12th Avenue (Photo by Frank P.)
84th Street and 12th Avenue (Photo by Frank P.)
84th Street and 12th Avenue (Photo by Frank P.)
Little Cupcake Bakeshop (9102 3rd Ave), Bay Ridge (Photo by Louis)
From left to right: Samantha Dalton, Santa, and Brieanne Fiorica during tree lighting ceremony in Lady Moody Square, Gravesend (Photo by Linda Dalton)


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  1. Meh. These awesome photos sure do beat my 99 cent store Christmas ball. Where Ned came up with the idea that Sheepshead Bay can beat Bensonhurst in the Christmas lights category is completely beyond me.

  2. There are actually some really beautifully lit up homes on 23rd Avenue and the Firehouse on 65th Street between 23rd and Bay Parkway has an absolutely awesome Christmas display complete with a giant Godzilla. I also spotted some great examples going towards 16th Avenue in the 80’s. However, I wanted to stick with what our readers happened to send in. At the end of the day, coverage area is coverage area and it would have been well within the rules for Sheepshead Bites to use images from Marine Park or Mill Basin. I’m perfectly fine and, come to think of it, quite proud with what we managed to put together.

  3. Awesome pics and great lighting. Lights play a big part in a celebration of Christmas.Displays of Christmas lights in public venues and on public buildings are a popular part of the annual celebration of Christmas.
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