Free Choral Performance at Flatbush Reformed Church


The Flatbush Reformed Church is hosting all kinds of interesting performances this month. In addition to opera night this Friday, you can enjoy a free performance by the University of Charleston Concert Choir and University Singers there next Wednesday, May 9 at 7pm.

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  1. The University of Charleston
    Concert Choir and University Singers tour program includes a wide variety of
    music and tone colors.  René Clausen, Giuseppe Pitoni, John Leavitt, Alice
    Parker, Robert Shaw, Daniel Gawthrop, Robert Ray, David, Brunner, Harold Arlen,
    Charles Villiers Stanford, John Clements, Lajos Bardos, George Shearing, Brant
    Adams, and Morton Lauridson are some of the many composers whose music will be
    performed.  The program is especially designed to provide the audience
    with varied musical experiences so that all can find something that will
    interest them.  The concert will last one and one half hours with a brief
    intermission.  The members of the choir include both American and
    international students and the diverse composition of the choirs brings a
    unique sound to the concert.  Won’t you please join us for this
    entertaining and exciting musical experience? Joe Janisch, Director of Choral
    Activities, University of Charleston  

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