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Four Cops Shot, Suspect In Critical After Standoff On Nostrand Avenue

Nakwon Foxworth, the ex-con apprehended for shooting four members of the NYPD early Sunday morning in Sheepshead Bay. Source: MySpace

Four officers from the NYPD’s elite Emergency Service Unit are recovering from non-life-threatening gunshot wounds after Nakwon Foxworth shot all of them early Sunday morning during a standoff at 3301 Nostrand Avenue, less than a block away from where Sergey Mamontov chopped up his dead roommate in a bathtub at 3395 Nostrand Avenue.

Since being released from prison in 2010 after a 10-year stint for attempted murder and selling drugs behind bars, Foxworth, a 33-year-old Sheepshead Bay resident and father of a 4-year-old, has struck again. In a heated clash with some moving men who were obstructing the building’s service entrance, according to The New York Times, Foxworth brandished a firearm while walking home with his 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend and their child in a baby stroller.

The four officers — Captain Al Pizzano, Detective Kenneth Ayala, Detective Michael Keenan and Officer Matthew Granahan — showed up at 12:30 a.m. to Foxworth’s sixth floor apartment after being reported by a witness. The girlfriend and 4-year-old child were being held hostage but managed to escape two hours later, leaving the door to the apartment open. According to various reports, Foxworth, brandishing an illegal 9mm Browning semi-automatic handgun, then unleashed a hail of 12 bullets, which hit all four of the officers from within a range of 10 feet according to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, during a violent gun battle. All of the officers are recovering with non-life-threatening injuries, with three shot in various parts of their legs, and one of the officers grazed by a bullet in the face.

Foxworth was shot in the abdomen and is reportedly in stable yet critical condition at King’s County Hospital.

Keenan, 52, recovering in Lutheran Hospital from a gunshot wound in the calf, insists that he would not be here, were it not for Ayala:

Keenan and Ayala were sharing a room yesterday, and Keenan would tell every visitor how Ayala “was a hero,” sources said.

But Ayala humbly waved off the praise and repeatedly insisted, “I’m not a hero.”

Another source said of Ayala, “He definitely saved their lives.

NY1 reports that several illegal firearms and rounds of ammunition were discovered in Foxworth’s apartment after he was taken into custody. Kelly told reporters during a press conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Lutheran that “Inside the apartment, we’ve uncovered a cache of weapons that speaks volumes about illegal guns. The 9mm that Foxworth used to shoot these officers was part of a multiple-gun purchase in Wilmington, North Carolina. A sawed-off military assault rifle quipped with a scope and had been stolen from Florida, and a defaced, .22-caliber revolver, fully loaded” was also found.

Meanwhile, the shooting of four police officers brings the number up to eight in the number of law enforcement officials shot while in the line of duty since the beginning of 2012.

A furious Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a passionate advocate for getting illegal guns off the streets, is calling for stricter laws against black market firearms:

“Here we were very lucky,” Bloomberg told members of the press gathered at Lutheran. “It could have been a great tragedy. Until Congress wakes up and finds some courage to stand up to the gun lobby, illegal guns will continue to end up in the hands of dangerous people, like tonight’s shooter.”

In an Op-Ed piece in the editorial section of today’s Daily News, Bloomberg praises the work of Kelly and the New York Police Department for making New York City “the safest big city in the country,” stating that crime “is down 35% over the past decade, and murders are at historic lows,” but insists that gun violence, particularly against members of New York’s Finest “…will happen again — and again — until those in Washington stop cowering before the gun lobby.”

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  1. It must’ve happened earlier than 12:30. I drove by at ~11, maybe 11:30 and there was an ESU van and one cop car outside. No big scene that indicated cops were shot though. Might have been in progress.

  2. Thank god NYPD is here. Police risk their lives to protect the public. Why is this animal out of jail?

  3. The argument with the movers and the brandishing of the firearm occurred at 10:30, so it may not have escalated into the real Wild, Wild West stuff until a couple of hours later.

  4. someone should sneak into the hospital and save a few some lives in the future, and the taxpayers much money as a secondary advantage.

  5. the NRA is all for the stoppage of illegal weapons that are sold to African Americans. Guns are for White people only, to protect themselves from Black people.

  6. This guy shot 12 times and hit 4 cops 5 times and they were behind a kevlar shield. 4 cops shot more than double that and hit the guy once. Bloomberg is a fucking moron. He is concentrating on how to stop an object that does not work on its own instead of figuring out how to keep hardened criminals off the street. How does that make any sense? Hes blaming guns for violence I dont believe the crazy Russian up the block chopped up his friend with an uzi.  

  7. I would much rather have the option of protecting my family myself than depending on the cops to do it. When seconds count the cops are only minutes away.

  8. I happened to be on the corner of Ave U and Knapp at 11 to 11:30 and there was no activity anywhere in the area. As the bus went past Nostrand, all was quiet by Ave U. I would think there would be law enforcement all over the area.

    Ironically I was coming from a dinner party in which we discussed how crazy things have been in Sheepshead Bay lately.

  9. Yes, they needed more cops 20 years ago. The couple the city threw in along the way is a drop in the bucket. Maybe they will bring that special task force to our area again, soon.

  10. Its important that those cops actually do real police work and not sit on corners waiting for someone on a cell phone. Another thing is cops need to get out of their cars and start walking. I never see cops walking anymore. They are so disconnected from the community. They used to walk around talk to people and know whats going on around them. Now they only go when called and by then its usually to late. 

  11. There’s at least one officer on-foot on every major commercial strip in Sheepshead Bay during the day, and several in the area of the Nostrand Houses. You might argue that there should be more – but there’s at least that.

  12. You are so right. Community policing is the way to go. It will also help them gain the trust of the people they protect and serve, which would go a long way in fighting crime. Always does.  Now that I left NYC, I’m not as anti gun as I used to be, but I do think NYC should REALLY focus on getting the illegal ones off the street. When they have a way of getting that under control, they maybe should loosen regulations a little bit, and perhaps with the loosening of regulations, give people some hard core time if they’re the source of illegal guns.  Make sure you hold the owners accountable for their weapons and it shouldn’t be too big a deal. Do the background checks, have waiting periods, even mandatory training (if only because people don’t grow up there knowing how to shoot like many people here do), but let people have access to the weapons they may need. I would never have one in my home, and in fact am a pacifist (religious reasons, I’m Quaker), but they are tools that can be used responsibly, and to be honest, could be a decent sport for kids. On a range. And please for the love of all that is good, if they ever do loosen up gun laws in NYC, gun safety classes in schools. Nothing much, but something.  I moved to a place where I had to teach my kids because I know their friends have firearms in their home.  (And now my daughter, 16, has even had a chance to go shooting now and then.)

  13. Of course there should be more. They should park their cars get out and walk. If anyone sees a cop walking in sheepshead bay thats not writing parking tickets please take a photo so we know its not a myth.
    Ned i sent you a text yesterday did you get it?

  14. +1. You are right on the money. They used to know who was about to be up to no good. I have friends that were brought home by the police (40 yrs. ago) and parents were spoken to. I said it in the past, If they saw kids hanging out…like on a corner they would break it up. Tough guy T’s were sent home to get dressed. 
    Quality of life issues were addressed. That’s where it starts. The simplest laws being enforced will eventually show evidence of more respect for the environment and people in it.

  15. Shooting is an Olympic sport. Guns are not as scary as people make them out to be no more than cars. Driving a car is a lot more complicated and dangerous than a gun. A law abiding citizen can carry a gun in 45 states without issue and he states and cities with the strictest laws are the same places with the most crime. I understand not wanting guns in the wrong hands and im with that but denying legit people the right makes no sense. Why does it cost $350, 2-3 days of your life and a 4-6 month wait in NYC when all they need is and the cost to cover admin fees. Even Cali with stricter laws than NYC its a 10 day wait and a fee to the dealer for paperwork. It just doesnt make any common sense.   

  16. The combination of the two. Be prepared in and out of the home.
    Set it up so there are no places on your property that can be an advantage point for someone up to no good. 

  17. Im only in the 30s and even when i was a teenager there were a few cops that always came around and tried talking to us to get an idea of who we were and if we would be problems  for them. By doing that they knew if something happened in our part of the neighborhood they could try and come to us to see if we knew something even though we werent going to rat everyone out but it was a start. I forgot what year it was but it was early-mid 90s and a girl was raped 3 blocks from where me and my friends always hung out, the cops came to us right away with a description and we all knew who it was, a local junky. No reason to cover for a rapist right.

  18. “When seconds count the cops are only minutes away” Amen to that. 
    “Stand your ground Law” like in Florida should be made into law nationwide, because we can’t depend on the Police to protect law abiding citizens.

  19. Omg someone said it. These cops are bullshit, you know how many times we were stopped by undercovers for crossing the damn street, not even doing anything! Or the amount of times they have searched people for absolutely no reason. How about actually looking out instead of antagonizing patrons. Retarded

  20. The only way to reduce hardened criminals off the streets, is to drastically increase the use of the death penalty. 

    It’s less expensive to use the death penalty, than to have these animals in jail for $25K yearly per inmate; on the backs of taxpayers instead of using these resources to reduce the governments deficit.Here is a suggested list of crimes that should get the death penalty:(Add you own if you wish)- Murder- Drug Trafficking- Child Molestation- Robbery with a Gun or Knife- Fraud of 10 million or more dollars

  21. Re: “How about actually looking out instead of antagonizing patrons.”

    Four police officers were not shot because they were “antagonizing patrons.” I don’t really think it is fair to judge the entire 34,500-member police force based on alleged and / or actual unbecoming behavior of a handful of members (whatever the number may be) of the department.

  22. I am for the death penalty but for who and why is a very long conversation that im not interested in typing out.

  23. So how many times where you stopped by undercovers for “crossing the street”? My guess, once. Be honest why is it that you keep getting searched every time you cross the street. I’ve crossed street literally dozens of times and have never been stopped by cops. I’ve even crossed the street in front of undercovers.

  24. So what kind of criminals did you cover for. Thieves? vandals? Drug dealers? Would you have ratted on a friend just for owning a gun. Probably not.

  25. Four WHITE cops shot by a BLACK man. He must be racist. Suck that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton. Sure they have nothing to say about this incident. Being its not in their favor. Who’s racist now.

  26. Actually the lack of “walking the beat” is one of the reasons why crime did go up. The worst thing to ever happen to crime fighting was the squad car.

  27. I agree…. the only problem is that NYPD doesn’t allow community policing (unless the community has political leverage, i.e. Midwood, Williamsburg, Sunset Park). The NYPD fears that community policing will put them out of business since its proven to decrease crime rates. 

  28. I’m only going to say this… The police need to shoot to kill.  A piece of garbage like that has no place in this world.  There was a guy who actually deserved 50 bullets pumped into him.  

  29. wow, look at that sexy pic… what a macho man.. tough guy from the hood. Fucking guy in his 30th… and still dumb as a fucking brick, jail time did not teach him anything ether.. pulled a gun by his baby mama and a toddler? wow now that’s intellect, and then took them hostage? wow, his parents must be proud! ohh no.. they will say that cops were racist, and they shoot innocent black man!   


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