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Fossil, Justice And Michael Kors Coming To Kings Plaza

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kings Plaza Shopping Center (5100 Kings Plaza) will soon be home to the first Brooklyn locations of three national brands: Fossil, Michael Kors and Justice.

The Commercial Observer reports:

Michael Kors, which sells sell apparel, accessories and footwear, leased 4,000 square feet at the borough’s only enclosed mall. Fossil will sell its watches, handbags and jewelry out of a 1,100-square-foot space at the mall and Justice girls clothing store will sell its duds from a 4,200-square-foot space.

Fossil will be the first to open in the spring. Fall will see the arrival of Michael Kors, while Justice is slated for the holiday season.

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  1. well I said that KP needed an upgrade. Here’s the start to that. Maybe some updated security presensce and all will not be lost

  2. The last time I visited Kings Plaza, I thought I was in a Monkey Zoo. Kings Plaza
    has so many undomesticated Apes, Chimps, Baboons and Gorillas shoplifting, causing trouble and shopping there.

  3. What dump? Why are so many people badmouthing Kings Plaza?? I’ve been there so many times in the past 15 years with no incidents and felt totally safe.

  4. Enough with the freaking chain clothes stores!As a guy,to buy clothes is not the reason that I have been going to KP since being a kid in 1980.I went because they had the only Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn.A movie theatre that was cheap.As a music lover,a big Sam & Goody where I buy all kids of CD’s.A very nice video store for the movie buff in me.i’d eat at Burger King.Loved browsing through the novelty store and the 99 cents store and the postcard/poster store.I even remember a sports store with all kinds of Baseball goodies. Now I go there and I’m bored out of my mind with wall to wall national clothes stores.Newsflash:You can buy clothes anywhere.Not worth the bus trip!The only thing I like about today’s KP is they still have a nice Nathan’s Famous and the Sbarro Pizza.That is about it!

  5. Ii have been going there for over 30 years and never had a problem feeling unsafe.The rare times that kids get into arguements or ‘fights’ with each other had nothing to do with me.

  6. You are probably the type of moron who also praised the “upgrade” in Times Square (the kicking out/pricing out there of every locally owned & flavoured ‘Mom & pop’ shop for ‘big named’ national chain stores that I have had zero interest to set my foot in)

  7. You are happy about these lame-ass chain stores?(Like they don’t already have a hundred stores selling the exact same clothes and handbags)

  8. No. i do not praise the upgrade of “Times Square” nor am i in favor of kicking out the locally owned and flavored “mom & pop” shops for big named’ national chain stores (for which i hate with a passion). Just eliminate the J1GAB00S and “Kings Plaza” (Of the Apes) will be worth a visit by (human beings) once again.

  9. All malls have “One The Same” Corporate controlled chain stores. Every neighborhood, every city , every state and practically every block throughout america has the same corporate controlled chain stores which are all owned by some large bank or an investment group which are all affluent and highly “Lawyered Up”. The days of the local mom and pop stores are over. Welcome to corporate controlled U. S. A (Unified. Socialist. America).

  10. well if I were alive then I would praise the the upgrade of Times Square. Apparently you like adult film theaters and hookers. To each his own

  11. you just named things that no longer exist or are bad for everyone. CDs? ever heard of an MP3 file? Barnes and Noble? You do realize books for won’t exist in 10 to 20 years… Burger King: shittiest food on the planet. Baseball? The MLB is the least followed sport in America out of the top tier leagues. You need to go to the old age home and retire… BTW Nathan’s in the mall sucks! Only okay Nathan’s still existing is in Coney Island

  12. And you werent alive when Times Square was Times Square-How old are you,20?You need to go back to wherever the phuck you came from,because you sound like a know it all hipster who doesn’t know his tuchas from a hole in the ground,I’m not that old,but I do enjoy book stores.They still make CD’s for a reason.And you don’t like MLB-what sport do you like- yoga?

  13. Wasnt my point,but I liked them better then the Disney Store.If I wanted to shop for Mickey Mouse products,I’d go to Orlando.What you are too young to know is that TS also had places like Playland arcade,cool record stores,bargain stores,clubs,even Crazy Eddie.It was fun

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