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Fort Reno Closes, Palo Santo To Open Taqueria In Its Space


Fort Reno by marmelo on Instagram

We’re sad to hear about the closing of Fort Reno, the barbecue joint at 669 Union Street near 4th Avenue that served up one of our favorite guilty pleasures — yes, we may have other BBQ spots, including Dinosaur just a couple blocks away, but we’ll truly miss the Fort Reno hot mess!

Fort Reno closed up “for the holidays” just before Christmas, saying they’d reopen today, but unfortunately it ended up being for good.

But with the bad news comes some possible good news. Here’s Park Slope notes that the owner of Palo Santo (located just up the block at 652 Union St) will be opening a taqueria in the Fort Reno space in February, where they plan to make their tortillas to order, and will have a cocktail menu featuring a lot of mezcal.

Of course, there is another taqueria very close by, and another highly anticipated one opening soon not far away. Oaxaca is a block and a half from this Union St space, located at 250 4th Avenue; and Calexico is getting closer and closer to opening about five blocks away at 278 5th Avenue.

As huge taco fans, we’re certainly not complaining about all the options, but if 2012 was all about fro-yo and 2013 was a big BBQ year, it’s already starting to look like 2014 is going to be The Year of the Park Slope Taco. What do you think — yea or nay?

Photo by _marmelo

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  1. Palo Santo illegally raises rabbits on their roof to kill for meat. When questioned by the owner, they only replied that it was normal in the country they were raised in. I live on Union and refuse to support Palo Santo or their new taqueria.

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