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For Am Thai, More and More Orders Are Coming From Park Slope


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Nathan Thompson sent us this story earlier today:

Last week my brother in law calls me from Park Slope where he lives. He explains that he does not want to lose his parking space and asks that I do him a favor. He wanted me to pick up his order from AM Thai and bring it to him in Park Slope where his family lives. He explained that AM Thai on Church Ave was better than anything comparable they have in the Slope.

I asked the manager of AM Thai (Amy) if she had ever dealt with this before. She explained that she gets calls from the Slope regularly. “I have decided it they order more than $50 of food, we just sent it over in a car service.”

I thought AM Thai making Zagat was news, but Slopers ordering from Church Ave, well, I just had to share.

Anyone hear other Park Slopers talking about Am Thai?

There’s no time like the end of the year to get out of the kitchen and order in or eat out. Am Thai veterans — what are your favorite dishes?

Photo: Nathan Thompson

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  1. The mock duck with garlic is INSANE! They have lots of fake meat choices for us veggies out there. Really good veggie summer rolls, too.

  2. Tried the ‘Herbal Duck’ — strange name but incredible dish–chewy, savory meat (of course skin won’t stay crispy for the take-out ride home)–flavor so unique and compelling I want to eat it right now, as I worry through the night that the wind will take down our tree.

  3. This is great – I think Am Thai is consistently terrific, and am glad other neighborhoods are getting word of that. I had heard a similar story from someone I met from Lefferts Gardens who wanted to come over to try Am Thai because she had heard about it outside the hood.

    I second Ali that the Moc Duck is TO DIE FOR! My favorite dish, Moc Duck Lemongrass is not on the menu anymore, but they are happy to make it if you order it, I think it’s just the veggie version of one of the other lemongrass dishes still on the menu. I also love the curries, and the roti pancake…they always have tons of fresh veggies in everything they serve. Go Am Thai!

  4. When we first got the moc duck I had to call the waiter over twice to make sure it was actually not actual meat. AM Thai is fantastic and they are all so ridiculously nice. Viva le Church Ave!

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