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“Follow Your Heart” To Disney On Ice At Barclays

Disney On Ice presents “Follow Your Heart” will be at the Barclays Center (620 Atlantic Avenue) from November 9 until November 13. This will mark the on-ice debut of Disney properties like Finding Dory and Inside Out, as well being full of returning favorites like Frozen, which was created by a pair of Park Slope parents. Tickets are available now.

Bensonhurst Bean got a sneak preview of some of what goes in to putting on a show, and that left us even more excited than before.

Disney On Ice's Julia Mercer posing with one of the many, many costumes used in "Follow Your Heart". (Courtesy BKLYNER/Justin Fox)
Disney On Ice’s Julia Mercer posing with one of the many, many costumes used in “Follow Your Heart”. (Courtesy BKLYNER/Justin Fox)

“We have something from the very first Disney princess, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, all the way up to the new Disney movies like Tangled,” said Tristan Josef, the tour coordinator for Feld Entertainment.

Josef said the creative process behind “Follow Your Heart” took 11 or 12 months, and that it included input from all sides as the show evolved.

“I think one of the most creative things about the show is Inside Out and Finding Dory, and the way we use those stories to tie everything together,” said Josef.

Luis Douglas (Courtesy BKLYNER/Dina Rabiner)
Luis Douglas (Courtesy BKLYNER/Dina Rabiner)

“There are definitely some adjustment periods, especially for this show because it’s a brand new show,” said Luis Douglas, who plays Flynn Rider of Tangled.

That extends to the very extensive wardrobe collection, which literally sparkles.

“Sequins make everything better,” said Douglas, who credited the “fantastic wardrobe department” for assembling ornate garments.

The costumes are very detailed. (Courtesy BKLYNER/Justin Fox)
The costumes are very detailed. (Courtesy BKLYNER/Justin Fox)

“It’s really nice to see the development of the costumes. They start out as just some fabric, but now they’re sparkly and poofy and pretty and it’s great. I just love all the costumes,” said Julia Mercer, who plays Frozen‘s Anna.

Mercer added that she was excited to be playing Brooklyn for the first time, and that she would take advantage of the shopping and restaurants available near Barclays.

Luis and Julia stretching. (Courtesy BKLYNER/Justin Fox)
Luis and Julia stretching. (Courtesy BKLYNER/Justin Fox)

The show opens with a pep rally that both warms up the crowd and requires the cast to be very loose and limber.

“The opening act is very high energy, so you don’t want to go into that if you haven’t stretched first,” said Douglas, who added that he pays “a lot of attention to my shoulders, so I have to make sure they’re loose.” The process takes at least 15 minutes, though some performers take additional time to make sure they are ready.

Given the level of dedication and effort that’s been put into “Follow Your Heart”, it seems like the cast and crew are ready to put on a show that will please fans of all ages. Get your tickets here.

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