Southern Brooklyn

Flooding Reported All Around Neighborhood

Taken from Masal Cafe in the Lundy’s building by Rovshan Danilov.

People are reporting that streets, sidewalks and basements all around Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach are flooding. The storm is definitely here, and we’ll be seeing the worst of it over the next couple of hours.

Where we are, near the Sheepshead Bay train station, water has come to levels that I, personally, have never seen it before. And we watched it move up residential blocks at a quick pace. In the three to five minutes we stood outside to watch, the water moved more than 50 feet up the sidewalk.

For now, we’re signing off to attend to the various things we need to attend to. We will only be posting major updates throughout the night, and roundups of damage and flooding will come in the morning. If there’s anything important, we can be reached at (347) 985-0633 or [email protected]

Good luck and be safe, folks.