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Flood Warning Issued For Southern Brooklyn

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

Southern Brooklyn residents are advised to prepare for flooding Friday evening.

Persistent winds and a strong high tide are expected bring floodwaters to Brooklyn’s southern shores, the Office of Emergency Management warns.

“New Yorkers living close to the water can expect some local roadway flooding and should be alert for rising water and take steps to protect their homes and property,” Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito said in a press release.

The flooding is expected to occur between 7pm and 11pm Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

Southern Brooklyn was already hit with heavy flooding earlier this year, when another strong high tide turned streets in Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach into gushing creeks. Neighbors have repeatedly urged city agencies to pick up the pace on Sandy resiliency measures that could protect their communities from rising tides.

The Office of Emergency Management is advising neighbors along the coasts to prepare a Go Bag in case of an evacuation order, keep sandbags and other materials on hand to protect property, and learn the safest route to high ground.

Neighbors should avoid walking or driving in flooded areas. Even six inches of water can knock a person over, the agency says.

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  1. I’ve got a great money-saving idea for the City. Everyone in South Brooklyn will be permitted to take the plastic bags that we will have paid our nickels for, fill them with sand (double-bagged, of course), and start stacking them around our homes. They won’t go in the landfill; we’ll all be safe and dry; our nickels can be a deduction on our taxes as real estate improvements; and the City will save millions.

    Or we could all start building rafts and arks.

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