Flatbush Nostrand-Junction BID To Hold First Weekend Walks Streetfest This Sunday



The Flatbush Nostrand-Junction Business Improvement District  is holding its first Weekend Walks Streetfest from 2pm to 7pm this Sunday, during which there will be hip hop and zumba classes, arts and crafts, double dutch aerobics, music, children playhouses, and more.

The streetfest will be held on Flatbush Avenue between Farragut and Glenwood roads and is a free event for the community. It is financially supported by the city Department of Transportation and Flatbush Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District.

“We are proud to start the tradition of the Weekend Walk Streetfest here in the junction,” said BID Executive Director Michelle McClymont. “The Weekend Walks program has a tremendous impact on New York neighborhoods, it allows the community to envision the streets in a whole new way; not just as a means to get from place to place, but as an opportunity to create synergy throughout the community.”

Also, note that Flatbush Avenue between Glenwood and Farragut will be closed to vehicles from 12pm to 8pm Sunday because of the festival. Additionally, the B41 will be rerouted from Flatbush Avenue between Farragut Road and Nostrand Avenue from 1pm to 8pm.

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  1. This festival was horrible. I waited very long to get a skewer of chicken and then the woman serving said they would grill more later after the burgers and franks. I was hungry and said ok, I will take a burger but she continued to serve others (maybe people that she knew) while I was standing right in front of her for more than 1/2 hour. I am a senior and feel that the treatment was horrendous.She served two young girls franks and later burgers while I waited for my first order. I got tired and left. I have lived in this area for more than 33 years and disapprove of the disrespect shown at this festival. They need to teach their young food servers some manners or let their first festival be the last one. Maybe they should take some lessons from the Ditmas Park festival where they are respectful to everyone.

  2. Jewel, My apologies go out to you for your disappointment with the COMPLIMENTARY food provided at the streetfest. Please remember it is not an event for purchasing goods but to get together with the community. We welcome anyone in the community who will like to volunteer to assist next year. Perhaps with great residents such as yourself in the community we will be able to have an even greater event with your assistance. Overall, the music, rides and free camp giveaways were an overall treat for everyone. Please enjoy your summer and stay connected through our Facebook page.

  3. I do accept your apology, I am well aware that the food was COMPLIMENTARY but that does not justify the bad manners displayed by the food server. I would prefer to pay in order to get something to eat when I am hungry at a Festival. I do not understand why two young girls were served twice and I was completely ignored while standing right in front of the food server and even acknowledged by her but never served any food. I do appreciate the original intentions of the Festival.

  4. You should go on a tour of the US telling your story to large audiences everywhere. Maybe people who’ve been savaged by war, afflicted by disease and heartbroken by loss would stop feeling so damned sorry for themselves.

  5. I was issuing a valid comment regarding the Flatbush/Nostrand Junction Festival and not about the entire world. I am done. End of story. Enjoy your summer.

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