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Feds Uncover $38 Million Medical Scam At Southern Brooklyn Clinics

A judge's gavel.
A judge’s gavel. (Photo: Joe Gratz / Flickr)

Five people were charged Monday with orchestrating a $38 million Medicaid and Medicare scam at clinics throughout Sheepshead Bay and Gravesend, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Prosecutors said the scheme, which involved recruiting patients for fraudulent medical services, is one of the largest of its kind uncovered in Brooklyn, the Daily News reports.

The defendants, Aleksander Pikus, Mark Tsyvin, Maksim Vernik, Denis Satyr and Malvina Yablonskaya, are charged with funneling customers to medical clinics in exchange for kickbacks and using a network of shell companies to disguise their activities and evade taxes.

Prosecutors allege the patients were directed to certain physical therapy centers for unnecessary treatments. The clinics then billed Medicaid and Medicare for the bogus procedures.

The clinics named in the indictment are:

  • Ideal Health, which operated at least two locations at 2263 East 15th Street and 2365 East 13th Street, allegedly submitted $20.2 million in claims to Medicaid and Medicare between Febraury 2010 and December 2014, and was paid $5.6 million on those claims.
  • Handz On, located at 1729 East 13th Street, allegedly submitted $11.3 million in claims to Medicaid and Medicare between January 2011 and January 2014, and was paid $3.8 million on those claims.
  • Prime Care on the Bay, located at 1711 Sheepshead Bay Road, allegedly submitted $31.3 million in claims to Medicaid and Medicare between February 2008 and February 2011, and was paid $17.2 million on those claims.
  • Bensonhurst Mega Medical Care, located at 2761 Bath Avenue, allegedly submitted $23.2 million in claims to Medicaid and Medicare between January 2009 and February 2011, and was paid $11.6 million on those claims.

The U.S. Attorney’s office has also named Oleg Dron, who served as president of Handz On from 2006 to 2014, and Eduard Noykhovich, president of Ideal Health from 2009 to 2015 as co-conspirators.

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  1. . . . and there’s plenty where they came from. Sadly this is like cutting off a limb that then grows back.

  2. Take back all the money and financial penalty. They will teach the kids and friends the same scam and do it again under different shell companies and names. Give them the death penalty and deport the body of they came from overseas. Deport the executed body back to where they came from. If they got us citizenship, revoke it.
    Death penalty will teach them and the future scamers

  3. Monica, you will get audited for your ignorant comment. Although your penalty will not be so harsh, you too cheat…..and dont deny it because you’re human. Everyone’s got something on them…..

  4. Because you need to fix the problem at the top. Medicaid officials are to blame for allowing these scams.

  5. Retard…..its the people at Medicaid office who should be blamed. Why did it take so long to uncover an obvious scam? How can a small clinic submit more claims then some hospitals without it being noticed for years? Think about that you dumbbell.

    P.S. perhaps some nerd trying to make a name for himself should look at your finances…..surely they’ll uncover something, so shut the hell up…death penalty…’re an ignorant fool for making such comments.

  6. Monica – your ignorance level is unparalleled. Let me guess, the highest level of education you have completed is … NOTHING?

  7. To liberals, such as AuditMonica or Imm, It is ignorant to profile criminals, because they are more likely to commit a certain crime. If nine out of 10 robberies in our area involved young Black male thugs, these two would say that it is ignorant to to stop and frisk young Black male thugs. While I definitely think that the death penalty is too harsh a punishment in such white collar crime cases, deportation certainly is not. If these people are naturalized citizens or are just legal residents, the government has every right to deport them, once they are convicted of a crime. Instead, we spend over $30,000 per year housing these criminals. Moreover, this should hold true for all crimes and criminals. If countries send criminals our way, they should pay the costs of incarcerations for these individuals and not the US. So, whether it is a Russian white collar criminal or a West Indian rapist or murderer, we should not flip the bill for their rehabilitation or retribution.

    These individuals have plenty of money stashed away, sometimes they are even allowed to operate again. The woman, in a similar case, pictured above, was sentenced to 15 years behind bars. She will probably wind up doing about half of that time. At which time, she will get out of prison, move somewhere else and live off of her stashed away money. Tougher punishment is needed in such cases, as 7 years in prison has not proven to be much of a deterrent for these individuals. Tougher sentencing is needed, where they actually spend the entire 15 or 20 years behind bars. It seems to feel like Obama was just elected, while 9/11 seems more of a distant memory. 15 or 20 years may discourage some of these individuals from committing these crimes, along with the previously mentioned, threat of deportation. By the way, I do not mean to pick on the lady, as 80% to 90% of these crimes are perpetrated by Russian men. However, I would offer these men a word of advise. If they were to recruit females to run these scams for them or to be the doctors or the therapists, they would be more likely to go undetected for a longer period of time. After all, our US Attorney and AG are ignorant and profile Russian men and wind closing a lot of these places down. You would not hear as many of these stories, if the women were running the show.

  8. Igor, all sh*it always rolls from the top. Fix accounting and criminal laws and perhaps we’ll be living in a perfect world. Although this will never happen, you cant blame there mere mortals for wanting to provide best available to their families. The irony of all this is that….you ready?…..the prosecutor and judge have committed way more fraud and crime, which we wont ever find about……….and lastly, Igor what if we were to take a good look at YOU? What would we find?

  9. It is you, who are retard. I’m not jealous of anybody, HONESTLY doing their job. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more obvious, that Russian community in Brooklyn is being considered one of the most crooked ones. Something smells fishy, when you can easily find 3 ‘medical’ offices and 2 ‘pharmacies’ almost on every block in and around Brighton Beach area, for example. Instead of accusing of ‘jealousy’ the community needs to clean itself up from those, who create that unsavory image. Not saying, that ‘people at Medicaid’ are angels, too much easy money is involved in medical frauds – hard to resist.

  10. If these people cared only about their families then they would not mind a lengthier prison sentence. In this way, the family members can live of the stashed away money. Unless you are implying that these individuals, when released from prison, should go back to doing what it is that they are accused of doing. Shame on you! Not unlike Rudy Giuliani, the current US Attorney is a pretty honest guy. However, the same cannot be said about the current AG. This guy Schneiderman is a two bit grifter, not unlike our current Mayor. The Mayor, conspired with South Brooklyn’s power brokers early on, to create a criminal enterprise instead of an administration. The likes of Ed Meese are like choir boys, when compared with these guys. Maybe they will suffer a similar fate.

  11. It never mentioned Russian. It doesn’t matter if they are Chinese, Spanish or Japanese. Death penalty. These scammers come out of prison with bogged scams that use other shell companies and names . Time to stop fraud by getting all the money back and financial penalties to the people that did it and death penalty . Death penalty will clean up society. Or. Let Isis deal with them. Chop heads off. They would never do such fraud in Iran. Iran execution keeps crime low

  12. How else do you think the owners of these schemes (er, businesses) can drive fancy cars, live in the Oceana Brooklyn condos, eat out at fancy restaurants, dress in designer clothes, and take lavish vacations? By working at a desk job? Hahaha.

  13. Hi Guys, the comments to this story is much more compelling than the actual story… Keep commenting!


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