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First Major Outage Strikes Sheepshead Bay


Sheepshead Bay has just been hit with its first major outage, affecting 1,050 customers according to the Con Edison power outage map. They are citing a 6:00 p.m. restoration time.

This may just be confined to one building. Reader Jeffrey W. e-mailed us to say power is out at a large co-op building at 2719 East 28th Street between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway, which is roughly where the Con Ed map has the outage centered.

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  1. Con Edison plans to cut power to Brighton Beach tonight but the knuckleheads at WCBS TV channel 2 cut away as the President of Con Ed was speaking at 5.45 pm. Any further word ? My lights flicker from time to time but I am not in Brighton but nearer tothe Avenue V and Nostrand area.

  2. I’m actually really impressed that we sitll have power. I’ve lived here for 7 years – originally from Michigan and our power went out ALL the time and nothing has ever happened to me with power here in the BK.

  3. I am right off of Emmons, between Nostrand and Haring. So far, so good. No outages of any kind. Hope our good luck lasts

  4. Update to the post below: 2555 E 12st withouth power (cut 10 mins after the post, hah), Hope it will get back soon…..

  5. 2775 west 5th as far as I remember is Warbasse who has their own power plant. Rumor one- 10 days, rumor two- 2-3 weeks no power. Con ed can’t help them til they help themselves fix their wiring.They did not shut power off as a precaution, when the storm hit, all of the wiring went bad. Rumor is that they may have to replace not only in the power plant but in every apartment??

  6. 2775 east 12th still down, spoke to a human on the phone in the evening, they have a ticket to dispatch possibly as early as tomorrow. Super of that building stated that they have called in an electrician for tomorrow as well.

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