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One Taken To Hospital, Three Others Injured In Fire At 465 Ocean Avenue


465 ocean avenue fire 2
65 firefighters brought a fire at 465 Ocean Avenue (between Caton Avenue and Saint Pauls Court) under control at 7:03am, says the FDNY. The blaze, which was called in at 6:25am on Tuesday, spread through the apartment building’s 4th and 5th floors.

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The FDNY says four injuries were reported, with three victims refusing medical attention again EMS advice. One victim was transported to Maimonides Hospital in stable condition.

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Dozens of people were standing across the street from the building when we stopped by this morning, including a young boy wrapped in a blanket who said he was woken up this morning by a neighbor banging at the door. He said his family was okay, but his apartment was not.

465 ocean avenue fire 1
Several apartments were visibly charred, with glass blown out of some windows.

“They’d better have a place for them to go,” said a woman we spoke to whose daughter lives across the street from 465 Ocean. “They can’t go back in there.”

She said neighbors were collecting blankets and coats for those put out by the fire.

465 ocean avenue fire 5
Another woman brought a large pot of tea over to families standing in front of 465. The Red Cross arrived several minutes later, and emergency vehicles began to leave the scene.

465 ocean avenue fire 3
We are glad to hear so few injuries were reported, and our thoughts are with our neighbors in the building. If you know of a way to help those affected, please don’t hesitate to share it.

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  1. There has been way too many fires lately in this neighborhood in particular. Is this their way of forcing us out of our neighborhood??

  2. Why not wait for the fire department to determine the cause of the blaze before blaming the landlord? Whose negligence might very well be responsible, but might not?

    Any number of things can and do happen, and then a fire happens: children play with matches, adults smoke in bed or keep lit candles around, easy to knock over, there are too many appliances plugged into one old extension cord, there’s a frayed lamp wire tucked beneath a rug . . . Perhaps none of those things happened, but can’t you wait?

    But if you want to fan the fire of class warfare, go right ahead. You can add your own inflammatory sign to the one posted at the Church Avenue subway a few weeks ago.

  3. Sp merely asked a question!…holy shit LMAO.. what was all of that just now? never mind dont answer the question. And as for class warfare; It has been going on in NYC for the past 15 years. A war waged on the poor and middle class…by the ones that have the most and own the buildings. Sp just asked a question… take your own advice and relax.

  4. class warfare? who is being priced out and who is being catered too? if there is warfare , the poor are receiving the worst of it and losing.. Who gets better education? better opportunities? and who gets forced out priced out and discriminated on? if there is war going on outside who is suffering? a sticker makes you nervous? I’ll tell you this, its not black people putting up those stickers.

  5. Nothing more hypocritical than a gentrifier crying about class warfare- who complain about people complaining, and crying about stickers.Meanwhile, “undesirables” are actively being pushed out. They (the-well-to-do) cry about “Class warfare” because of sticker.. LMAO!! hilarious. somebody should put up these comment sections on the subway, to show what people are really saying..and how class warfare is being perpetrated on the good and well-to-do hipsters. (I hate the word hipster, but it works)

  6. To me it’s just very suspicious that there has been so many fires in the past three months in this area alone, an area where Pinnacle management just recently purchased a bunch of buildings, questionable indeed

  7. Landlord arson is an old story in NYC, so it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. But are these buildings owned by Pinnacle? Is there any connection between the landlords of the buildings where fires have occurred? And is the number of fires actually increasing or is DPC just doing a good job of reporting fires?

  8. I am no gentrifier, nor am I a hipster. All I am saying is that the rush to affix blame on landlords is as premature as it would be to say. “Probably a drug dealer burning out the competition.”

    Both are possibilities, as are other scenarios.

    And just remember that the middle and working classes were here for many, many decades before the 1970s happened. You weren’t around to be their champions when the rest of us stuck it out in crime-ridden Brooklyn.

  9. Daaaaamn. This site really is attracting the race baiters lately huh? Take your comments back to Gothamist. This neighborhood doesn’t need any more aggression

  10. Race? who brought up race? You watch too much fox news…I didn’t know your kind existed in this part of Brooklyn…who the hell says shit like”Race baiters” ?

  11. People are free to speculate… It’s just a thought.. But please dont talk about “fanning the flames of class warfare” LMAO. oh please.. dont bring something like that up. You say the working class this and middle class that,but its the working class that is being priced out and pushed out… their money isn’t good enough any more. Not your problem…so dont comment on it. How are you gona mad at people being mad?…. what kind of shit is that? LMAO.

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