Filming In Ditmas Park This Week: Experimenter, Unforgettable, Friends Of The People & More


friends of the people filming no parking sign
It’s another star studded week in our area! Here’s what to keep in mind, whether you’re a fan or a local driver just trying to navigate parking:

TruTV‘s sketch comedy/man on the street show Friends of the People, which has filmed in the area recently, is asking that neighbors move their cars off of the following blocks by 5pm this evening (Monday, June 9) ahead of filming tomorrow starting at 6am.

  • Ditmas Avenue between Marlborough and Rugby Roads (north side)
  • Rugby Road between Dorchester Road and Ditmas Avenue
  • Marlborough Road near Ditmas Avenue (south end)

If your car is moved, call location manager Chris at 347-327-4980.

unforgettable filming no parking sign
CBS’ Unforgettable, which also filmed in the neighborhood last year, is asking neighbors to move their cars off of the following blocks by 10pm on Tuesday, June 10 ahead of filming on Wednesday, June 11:

  • Foster Avenue from E 16th Street to E 19th Street
  • Ditmas Avenue between E 18th Street and Ocean Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue between Ditmas and Foster Avenues
  • E 17th Street from Newkirk to Foster Avenue
  • E 18th Street between Ditmas Avenue and Dorchester Road
  • E 19th Street between Dorchester and Newkirk (only partial blocks close to Ditmas Avenue)

unforgettable filming letter

If you have any concerns about towing or accommodations for deliveries, call location manager Charlie at 718-909-9452 or the locations department at 347-763-1331.

gilly filming no parking sign

The Great Gilly Hopkins continues filming this week in Prospect Park South. Neighbors are asked to move their cars off Westminster Road between Beverley and Albemarle Roads by 10pm on Tuesday, June 10 ahead of five days of filming: Wednesday, June 11 through Sunday, June 15. Any questions or concerns can be directed to location manager Trish at 646-262-0871.

experimenter no parking filming signExperimenter, the story of the Milgram obedience experiments starring Winona Ryder, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jim Gaffigan, is asking neighbors to move their cars by Wednesday, June 11 at 10pm for filming on Thursday, June 12 on the following blocks:

  • Stratford Road between Albemarle and Beverley Roads (east side)
  • Four corners at the intersection of Albemarle and Argyle Road (enough for two car lengths on each corner)

Any questions should be directed to location manager Ben at 617-877-6252 or to a member of the locations department on set.

experimenter letter

outliving emily filming no parking sign

Outliving Emily is filming, as you may have seen on Friday, on Westminster between Church Avenue and Beverley Road and on Marlborough Road between Church and Albemarle. We also noticed signs yesterday on Stratford Road between Church and Beverley.

There’s a lot of filming in the ‘hood these days, and we want to keep neighbors up to date on where to park (and where to watch if they’re interested). If we missed any blocks for the above shoots–or missed signs for any other productions–please send over a photo with info on specified blocks to


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  1. There is also something else filming on the four corners of Argyle and Abelmarle. The signs say they only need two cars deep from the corner. It was insane looking for parking this week.

  2. Thank you–just updated the post. It’s “Experimenter,” a movie about Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments, with Winona Ryder and Peter Sarsgaard. Sounds like it could be promising but oof, yeah, I can’t imagine trying to park this week.

  3. Call 311, Let them know too many things begin shot in our area, and it is becoming a major inconvenience and it is impacting our quality of life. Our neighborhood is not a backlot/studio. I urge all to call and make complaints to 311.It will make a difference. Have a great Day.

  4. I feel your pain, but it’s so great when you’re watching good TV (like Boardwalk empire or Louie) with friends or relatives and you say “see, that’s around the corner from where I live! Yeah, they shoot around there ALL THE TIME…”. Totally awesome.

  5. Totally agree with r-squared. you guys need to lighten up or rent space in someones driveway.

    I just called 311 and asked them to increase filming in the neighborhood if possible. :). I encourage everyone to do the same. Please set your speed dials to 311 and let them know we need to increase filming throughout the hood.

  6. I just called 311 and asked them to please sprinkle nails and shards of glass across all the parking spaces. That’ll show us!

  7. hott!! Call again in an hour and ask them to place muni meters on all side streets as well so when we go into Dominos on Cortelyou, we have no choice to feed the meter. Film crews should get a pass. Keep calling until you see new meters pop up.

  8. I will also call 311 to voice support for those people who park right out in the middle of CIA on Saturdays. They should get a pass.

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