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Fidler Wants To Ban Printed Guns

Source: alexpb via flickr
Source: alexpb via flickr

Councilman Lew Fidler is hoping to prevent people who own 3-D printers from turning their basements into makeshift gun factories. According to a report by the New York Daily News, Fidler wants to implement a series of checks on people who go about “printing” a series of firearms from their computer chairs.

The bill would require all gun makers to possess a gunsmith license, to register the gun with the police and to give each weapon a serial number. Fidler stressed the importance of regulation to the Daily News.

“If left unregulated, these would be weapons without histories — potentially no identifying marks or sales histories. We wouldn’t even know these weapons exist, until they were fired,” Fidler said.

The NYPD expressed the notion that Fidler’s bill may be redundant considering that would be gun makers already need a license to do so and all gun owners must already register their weapons.

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  1. Because the law would be difficult to enforce, does that mean we shouldn’t do it? $5,000 ain’t a lot of money to terrorists and drug gangs. These things would be undetectable and lethal. We have to at least make sure that the law is on the right side…or do gun folks think that even THIS is not a common sense regulation that violates their 2nd amendment rights.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  2. no matter what laws you pass, those who need a gun will get one and use it when necessary. why such a blatant disregard for laws, you will ask? that’s because these people are criminals, duh. these laws only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire a gun license while the criminals whom these laws are supposedly targeting don’t give a shit and conduct their business as usual.

  3. Not necessarily so the first point. And to the second, how many bullets would you like to have hit you before it becomes an annoyance?
    Andy, the fact that criminals will basically disregard the law does not mean we should make it lawful. If a law abiding citizen want a 3d replicated gun (why in heaven’s name would they?) the law does not outlaw them, simply requires that a LICENSED gunsmith create them and register them as with any other firearm.
    Lew from Brookyn

  4. Lew you should look into banning terrorists from flying planes and buying fireworks. While you are it you should look into banning drug dealers from driving cars that way they cant do drive by shootings. You should also think about the way you talk or write about Constitutional rights. The 2nd Amendment does not give rights, it protects them from people like you.

  5. All bs aside how would you possibly enforce a law like this? If someone buys a 3d printer and one day decides to print themselves a gun how would anyone know or stop it before hand? Do you really think that a drug dealer is going to ever bother with something like this when they can get a gun on the street for a couple hundred bucks and use it forever?

  6. Broker,
    Your sarcasm aside, the fact that a law might be difficult to enforce does not mean we should turn a blind eye to it.
    Example: someone gets caught for a minor violation and in the process of the search (perhaps as they are heading to an airport and thru a metal detector), a 3d plastic gun is revealed. If it isn’t against the law, it is no harm, no foul. That makes sense?
    I understand from your rhetoric that you feel that guns should be more freely available. You and I differ on that point, plain and simple. Remember that almost every illegal gun started out legally. Not making these illegal, opens even that loophole wide open.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  7. There are laws on the books already about traveling with a firearm even if its made of plastic.

    Except NYC doesn’t recognize this and still prosecutes innocent people traveling through NY. So your airport example doesnt work. “The NYPD expressed the notion that Fidler’s bill may be redundant
    considering that would be gun makers already need a license to do so and
    all gun owners must already register their weapons”. Why waste time on a new law thats not needed? “Remember that almost every illegal gun started out legally” What does that mean? You keep blaming guns for crime when it is a person committing it. Would you say that a knife was bought to cut up an apple but was used to stab someone to death. Gun control does not work and will never work. And as of this morning the US is ok with arming Syrian rebels, I bet they dont have to have a background check. Taxpayer money being used to give away free guns in another country and at the same time telling your own people no no no. You dont see a problem with this?

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