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Fidler May Join City Council Speaker’s Office

Mark-Viverito, left, with Fidler, right.
Mark-Viverito, left, with Fidler, right.

Former City Councilman Lew Fidler spent many of his last months in office promising constituents that, after 12 years as a Council member, he was not “riding off into the sunset.”

Sure enough, the man is out of office for just nine days before reports surfaced that he may be under consideration for a post serving the new City Council speaker.

Politicker reported last week that a Fidler hire to Melissa Mark-Viverito’s staff is “likely,” citing an anonymous source.

Fidler, an attorney who was also assistant majority leader in the legislative body when he left office, could serve as counsel or an adviser.

Fidler didn’t deny the rumor, but did say that nothing is set in stone.

“I do hope to play a role at least on a part-time basis in ensuring that the new council succeeds,” Fidler told Politicker. “But nothing is done nor firm, and no titles or roles have been promised or given.”

Fidler is a mover-and-shaker in the Brooklyn Democratic Party and close friend and ally to its boss, Frank Seddio. The county party played an outsized role in getting Mark-Viverito elected, whipping even its most conservative Council members in line behind the new, quite liberal, speaker and helping her secure the necessary votes.

According to Politicker’s source, Fidler’s appointment is part of the deal.

“As part of the deal with Brooklyn, Lew Fidler is slated to have an advisory level position with Speaker Mark-Viverito,” said the source. “It’s what Brooklyn wanted.”