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Feelin’ Fit & Fuzzy With Go Fetch Run


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If you’re in Prospect Park this Saturday and you notice a bunch of people doing push-ups while their faithful dogs offer moral support, that’s a fun event called Foster Fitness, which is happening in cooperation with Foster Dogs NYC and Go Fetch Run, a fitness class for dogs and their owners.

The event is sold out, but you can still make a donation online to support Foster Dogs NYC, which will help them raise money for a new Fospice dog and to purchase supplies for their brand new “foster starter kit” (which they will send for free to new foster owners).

And if you see those pups and pup parents and get inspired to try out a class yourself, we asked Angi Aramburu, the founder of Go Fetch Run (and owner of little dog Chiquita), some questions about the program.

PSS: What are some of the goals of the class?

Angi: The goal of every Go Fetch Run class is to provide a fun, challenging, total-body workout for people that incorporates some dog training and exercise for dogs as well. We pride ourselves on using positive motivation and providing a great workout for each participant.

What’s the workout like? Is it challenging for both humans and animals?

We incorporate strength, cardio, and agility for a total-body workout, while incorporating some dog training and plenty of excercise for the dogs. The workout is modified for all levels of fitness – both dog and human. Sometimes we have very active dogs (or people!), so we’ll send them on some additional hill runs, and sometimes we get some lazy dogs that are happy to sit and watch their human do all of the work. They would still rather be with their human than home alone! We make sure our class accommodates all levels of fitness.

In addition to a workout, is there some amount of training/dog handling instruction involved?

We are not dog trainers, but we do incorporate some basic dog training such as teaching the dogs to sit while we perform stationary exercises and how to run alongside us.

What’s one of your favorite places in Park Slope to spend time with a dog and why?

I love exploring the trails in the park with my dog. We’ve found some really cool waterfalls!

Anything else you’d like neighbors to know?

Everyone who attends the Foster Fitness event or donates will receive one free Go Fetch Run class plus one for a friend.

We have several people that have joined together with one dog, so it’s perfect for workout buddies.

It’s also likely the only fitness class in NYC where you’ll get a kiss while doing a plank (from the dog, not us!).

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