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Falling Temps Fuel Housing Concerns For Sandy Victims Without Heat, Hot Water


As Sheepshead Bay and Southern Brooklyn continue to cope with the damage from Hurricane Sandy, those without heat or hot water face a new challenge: falling temperatures, and a possible nor’easter later this week. Those without heat – especially seniors – are strongly encouraged to find a place to stay until temperatures swing back up next weekend.

From the New York Times:

In New York, 30,000 to 40,000 people, mainly residents of public housing, will have to find new homes, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said at a news conference with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Sunday.

… Temperatures throughout the region fell early Sunday into the 30s, and the National Weather Service issued a freeze watch on Sunday for parts of New Jersey, including the coast, where many residents remained without heat. Officials have urged them to head to shelters.

Mr. Bloomberg called the cold the “most pressing” challenge in the recovery. The city has opened heating shelters and is passing out blankets to New Yorkers without electricity.

“You can die from being cold,” Mr. Bloomberg said Sunday. “You can die from fires started from candles or stoves. Please go to the local disaster site. If you don’t know where to go, stop a cop on the side of the road and ask.”

Adding to the concerns, forecasters now say that a northeaster could move in by midweek, hitting the already battered coastal areas with heavy winds and strong waves. Freezing temperatures are also expected.

On Twitter, the mayor’s office said that recovery efforts today are focused on checking in with those in hard hit areas that may be without heat or hot water, and encouraging them to move to shelters.

Five warming centers are currently open in Brooklyn, and a list of locations and times can be found here.

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  1. Does anyone else remember Mayor Tyrant nasty words to a reporter who asked him the other day about the frigid temperatures? He told the reporter that it wasn’t going to get frigid and that people could just bundle up and put on an extra sweater. I wish the tv news people would pick up those soundbites and rebroadcast them. He has said so much that shows him for the totally out-of-touch elitist he is.

  2. Just talked to residents of 3101 Brighton 2 Street. They don’t have heat, hot water, electricity and water. Most of them are low-income seniors. They also don’t know anything about what is going on around them and feel hopeless.

  3. Suck it mayor bloodburg let me see freeze to death in my house or go to a shelter and risk my wife and kids getting robbed,raped,or killed ..drop dead mayor asshole!!!

  4. they need to add more and closer warming centers. Coney Island needs one. Brighton needs one. Manhattan Beach needs one. Sheepshead Bay needs one.
    Sending people to Quentin Road is ridiculous.

  5. Rsidents of Brighton beach know how to handle all of these problems. In Russia people live without heat or water for years.. Over here everyone is “hopeless” and ” lost” .. So fucking delicate!

  6. Here’s what I don’t understand. Bloomberg deliberately holds back generators that can save peoples’ lives. Beyond some name-calling, he carries on, no real action or even rage. I’m sure a couple of seniors directly died, or will catch ill and die because Bloomberg cared more about generators, not just for the marathoners, but for the marathon PRESS CORP. This is a minor offense that will be forgotten in a couple of weeks, if it has not already been forgotten..

    But don’t dare be caught with a hooker (Spitzer), or be caught doing some internet sex (Weiner) or worse, utter some controversial off-color phrase that someone announces is racially/gender-biased, and oh my gosh, the heavens fall in on the politician – months and months of disgrace, thrown from political office, sued, prosecuted, books written about him, oh my gosh.

    This society has really lost its goddamned perspective.

  7. it’s the modern “let them eat cake”…. Perhaps Bloomberg should suffer the same historical fate as the famous couple who uttered that famous phrase…

  8. You got that right. Let them all go back where they came from. What are they complaining about. These blood suckers are getting everything for free. Hard working Americans are getting screwed. Our Vets are getting screwed. Why are these leaches getting EVERYTHING FOR FREE?

  9. Bloomberg is a rich businessman and he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the common poor people’s plight. Bloomberg is as about as shallow or emotionless as they come. Bloomberg should tend to his financial empire and leave “Mayoring” to some one else who is better suited for that position. Then again, most politicians come from rich backgrounds and have ties to big corporations.

  10. I did not hear this one but completely believe you. Do you know which station Mr. Asshole stated this too? I clearly remember when he was asked by a reporter about overturning term limits and called the reporter “a disgrace” The sad part of this is that we will be punished for him having to go against his will and cancel the marathon. When the baby doesn’t get what he wants, all citizens suffer.

  11. The situation is rather bleak. Bloomberg’s 30,000 may be a low estimate. Worse, the support system that is currently in place can’t even handle 30,000 people adequately.

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