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Fake Energy Salesman Tries To Break Into Dyker Heights Home

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

Police are urging neighbors to be cautious of crooks posing as uniformed utility workers after a man posing as an energy salesman tried to break into a Dyker Heights home.

More via News 12 Brooklyn:

The incident happened around 6 p.m. on 66th Street and 11th Avenue. The man who lives in the apartment says the suspect somehow gained entrance to the apartment building, knocked on his door, showed a badge and said he was selling an energy package.

When the resident declined the offer the suspect became aggressive, according to police.

The suspect then tried to force to door open with his legs and flashed a gun, the neighbor told News 12. Fortunately, Dyker Heights man was able to fight the robber off.