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Facebook Page Created To Hunt Down Murder Suspect


Loved ones of the mother and daughter nurses stabbed to death at 2299 East 13th Street are turning to the Facebook community for help in nabbing Russian national Nikolai Rakossi, the suspect accused of the grizzly double homicide.

According to a report by News 12 Brooklyn, a Facebook page in memory of Larisa Prikhodko and her mother, Tatyana, entitled “R.I.P Larisa Prikhodko & Her Mother,” was created in the hopes of “[f]inding and bringing justice to Larisa and Tatyna’s murderer, Nikolai Rakossi.”

As of early this morning, the page had already amassed 2,990 “Likes” from members of the community who wish to leave messages expressing their grief, and loved ones are praying that users of the ubiquitous social network site will also be successful in tracking down Rakossi, Tatyana’s ex-boyfriend, who hastily boarded a one-way flight to Russia the day after the murders took place.

According to the “Info” page, “When NYPD discovered their bodies, Nikolai was in flight towards Moscow, Russia. No request was sent to detain him for questioning in the airport when he landed and this dangerous criminal is now on the run. […] Russia and the US do not have an extradition treaty. The NYPD is cooperating with their detectives in Russia but have little hope on catching Nikolai. He must be found and he must pay for his actions, whether the case is prosecuted in Russia or brought back to the US for a fair trial. The only chance of capturing this murderer is for both American and Russian police forces, communities and politicians to cooperate with each other.”

The Facebook page, filled with hundreds of comments from grieving friends and strangers anxious to avenge the murders, also links to a blog, “larisatatyanaprikhodko,” which has a PayPal donation button for those who wish to contribute to the college fund of Ryan Zeltzer, Larisa’s 2-year-old son.

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  1. I’m afraid that the conclusion that can be reached by the criminal element of the Russian-American community is that you can commit any crime, no matter how heinous, as long as you have a one way ticket back to Russia in your back pocket. The Russian-American criminals know every nook and cranny in our system, and I’m sure this obvious one does not elude them.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I was wondering last week — where was the picture of this creep. So, thanks.

  3. I would ask you to be careful and to avoid drawing any generalized conclusions about the whole community. The suspect could be of any race, ethnicity, religion, and still escape on a one-way ticket.

  4. Well, the guy is Russian and committed the murders, no? My gosh, how far does political correctness go? I made no statement on Russians in general, but you even object to the mention of existence of a Russian criminal element? Such attitudes are a threat to my very safety in this country. Putting our hands over our eyes and mouths is no way to conduct business.

  5. I haven’t been really following up on this story in the media, but I am just curious if there is a forensic evidence that leads to this guy being a main suspect? Are there any of his fingerprints on the weapon itself, or any other biological evidence on the bodies of the victims that can be matched with this man?

  6. Since nobody has replied since yesterday, I guess it’s a ‘no’ to my forensic evidence question. So essentially this man is being accused of two murders based on the sole fact that he left the country? And no other forensic/biological evidence?

  7. Please do not guess. Did you hear that there was no forensic evidence? I heard nothing either way. Moot.

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