F Train Had Most Delays In 2013


F Train at 4th Avenue/9th Street
If you feel like you spent much of last year cursing a delay on the F train, you’re not alone. According to a report released by the Straphangers Campaign, the F had the most equipment-related delays of all the subway lines in 2013.

Analyzing the data generated by the MTA that create electronic alerts (but excluding incidents that were deemed “uncontrollable,” like sick passengers), the Straphangers Campaign found that those incidents had increased by 35% in two years — from 2,967 alerts in 2011 to 3,998 in 2013 (they skipped 2012 because the numbers were greatly skewed by Hurricane Sandy).

Of those 3,998 incidents in 2013, 326 — or roughly 8% — were on the F line. The N came in 4th with 268, the D saw 264, the R 242, and the G was the second best with just 84 incidents.

Manhattan saw the most alerts, and here in Brooklyn we got worse in those two years with an increase of 39% of these incidents. “Mechanical problems” generated the most alerts — 35% — or 1,411 out of 3,998 alerts in 2013, followed by “signals.”

The MTA contests that though there has been an increase in equipment-related issues, quality of service hasn’t changed.

“Since 2011, the amount of time customers have had to wait for a train throughout the system has remained flat,” the MTA told the Daily News in a statement.

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