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UPDATED: Bay Ridge Avenue R Train Station To Close Temporarily For Renovations

Photo via Wikipedia
Photo via Wikipedia

State Senator and Senate representative to the MTA Capital Review Board Marty Golden announced on Monday that the MTA’s Enhanced Station Initiative, to include significant renovations and improvements on the Bay Ridge Avenue R train station, have been approved and are set to move forward.

UPDATE: According to Golden’s office, “there will definitely be some periods of closure” to accompany the renovations, and “At the start of the projects, minor construction activities will be performed while the stations remain operational. However, in order to fast track the renovations, the stations will be temporarily closed, enabling the contractor to get in, get the work done, and get out in the shortest possible time frame.”

According to the press release, improvements will include:
– New canopies at the station entrance
– New totems at the station entrance
– New furniture
– Technology integration
– Improved finished
– Improved wayfinding
– New lighting scheme
– Decluttering

These improvements are intended to make the Bay Ridge Avenue station more aesthetically pleasing, better streamlined, and more informative, according to the release.

Photo via Wikipedia
Photo via Wikipedia

Golden heralded the renovation as a “major victory” for the station, stating that, “I am sure many would agree that this station needs an overhaul and has for some time. I am proud to have worked to secure this station project to make the entry and exit point to the NYC Transit system more attractive.”

In addition to the Bay Ridge station, Golden is confident the 77th Street and 95th Street R line stations are soon to follow in receiving improvements in the near future.

In the spring, elevator construction will begin at the 86th Street station.

The improvements to the Bay Ridge Avenue station are separate from improvements planned by Governor Cuomo in an announcement made earlier this year. Those improvements will include WiFi access and new trains and will involve shutting down tens of stations for extended periods.

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  1. I don’t take the R, but if you live in Bay Ridge, the R is your only local subway into the city. It’s a shame that they will start this project in the wintertime, when it is most brutal to walk a few extra blocks to get to a subway station that isn’t being renovated. It’s not convenient at all, they should be doing these renovations in the summertime instead.

  2. Is it not brutal to walk a few extra blocks in the summer heat? It’s easier to bundle up in the winter compared to wearing less clothes in the summer AND still not finding much relief.

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