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What Do You Think Of The Election Results?

de Blasio (Source: Streets Blog)

Well, if you’ve managed to stay away from the television, radio, newsstands, social media or any website geared towards New York residents, here’s the list of citywide and borough winners from last night’s election, as well as those in Southern Brooklyn races:

  • Bill de Blasio (Mayor)
  • Letitia James (Public Advocate)
  • Scott Stringer (Comptroller)
  • Eric Adams (Brooklyn Borough Presidnet)
  • Kenneth Thompson (Brooklyn District Attorney)
  • Chaim Deutsch (CD48)
  • Vincent Gentile (CD43)
  • Mark Treyger (CD47)
  • Alan Maisel (CD46)
  • David Greenfield (CD44)
  • Jumaane Williams (CD45)

What do you think? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Or a whole new era for Brooklyn and New York City?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Congratulations Comrade de Blasio We raise our Little Red Books in celebration!
    this message brought to you by: Communist Party USA, Sandanistas for Bill, Venezuelans for Dead Capitalist Pigs, Marxists Have More Parties, Communists: our colors run blood red for a reason.

  2. My 85-year-old broker friend sent me the funniest and truest response:

    “This could turn out to be very good for me if not for other property
    owners. We sold our co-op several years ago and rented in the same
    building – we really like this building. Now I’m thinking of buying
    again. This new mayor of ours will take the city down the tubes, real
    eastate values will plummet and maybe, just maybe, I’ll buy again.

  3. I’m going to go on welfare and get foodstamps like my russian neighbors. I’ll pick them up in my $50,000 Lexus so no one is suspicious. When in the sewer act like the rats…

  4. Relax, he’s not going to be able to go that far, even if he wanted. Besides, I’m confident that a thoroughly progressive policy over 8 years in New York will send people pleading for it to stop. Bring it on de Blasio.
    I have to give him credit for one thing. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard he is the FIRST mayor of NY EVER to send his kids to public schools. Ya kinda get tired of Mr White Liberal preaching for public education, while hiding the kids away in some 20 grand/year private school and denying poor people a similar right.

  5. Though Chaim Deutsch won by a comfortable 55-39% margin, it still demonstrates that Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach are no longer the Democratic strongholds they were decades ago.

  6. Find me a nice honest russian with a million in cash and I will GLADLY flee this cesspool, making sure to make a nice donation to the coming Manhattan Beach/Ocean Parkway Mosque

  7. I hope that none of the candidates forget what they pledged to do during their campaigns.

    In de Blasio’s case, I hope he hires a new police commissioner with good police credentials.

  8. DeBlasio wins 3 to 1 over Lhota. citywide. And yet, what I mainly see here is a group of ignorant comments. And low voter turnout as well. We are sliding more and more into the status of being a laughingstock for the rest of the city. Such as change from when our area was the incubator for much of the positivity that made up our city.

  9. Starting next year? It has been happening throughout the Now
    Communist Republic, but Kelly’s utilization of compstat to make crime go
    away tactics meant that these kinds of things became merely
    “misplaced,” not stolen.

    We will be seeing much, much more of it. I cant wait. Armed and prepared men are never afraid.

  10. Just let it slip how some of the liberals you know have a lot of cash and valuable just sitting around and have very cheap locks on their doors – the address too… Let them experience the wonderful world of Liberalism first hand.

    They won’t mind, since they are so fond of coddling criminals and spending other people’s money,

  11. Must be a nice mental illness you have.

    75%of the voters in the City are Communists and you see that as a good thing. When did being an incubator for welfare and Medicaid fraud constitute “positivity”?

    You should post your address so some of the poor down trodden can move in with you.

  12. Now that we have left of center Mayor, Comptroller and Public Advocate, along with a very liberal City Council, the next four years will be a great test of whether the progressive/liberal agenda can work successfully or drive NYC to despare. Remember, if you can, it was a hack middle of the road Abe Beame who sent NYC to near default, not a ultra lib like Del Blazio. This will be a great experiment and thee and me are the lab rats. Stay tuned.

  13. It will be back to DInkins’ Ne York no doubt. In fact, DeBlasio started out as a staffer in Dinkins’ administration. Hopefully, just like DInkins, he will be a one-term disaster only.
    Just his stance on specialized high schools alone is enough for me to reject his Handicapper General policies. He does not even have the guts to call it what it is – affirmative action. Naturally, he also wants to raise taxes, because what a shame, NYC is “only” fourth highest-taxed city in the nation (urban heavens like Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans are ahead)

  14. Not really. Different scale, different issues and scope, etc. I’d happily vote for Quinn – I may not agree with her on some issues but she had 10x more real experience than this guy and proved that she can work with her opponents constructively, despite ideological differences. DeBlasio is going to turn NYC into second People’s Republic of California

  15. I wish. History suggests that it is not going to happen this time either.
    For the record, I would prefer a People’s Republic of Vermont (with their universal healthcare and such).

  16. Communists in power! Oy Vey! Why do I have to suffer another four years? Didn’t I suffer enough from birth to 21 in USSR? Screw DiBladio and his multicolor family that helped him win all your Libtards votes.

  17. You finally woke up two weeks later! No need to suffer, there’s always Florida. Не надо печалиться, вся жизнь впереди!

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