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Easter Egg Hunts Around Brooklyn



Community Easter egg hunts are a fabulous way to celebrate Easter.

A Child Grows in Brooklyn compiled a list of Easter egg hunts around the borough this weekend. The closest to Kensington will be the all-volunteer Park Slope Parents Easter Egg Hunt which starts Sunday at 11:00 am at the 3rd Street and Prospect Park West entrance to the park.

Creating your own Easter egg hunt takes just a bit of imagination and not more than $10. Plastic eggs and candy as well as real eggs and dye can be found at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Foodtown. Kids will need an Easter basket–better yet, re-purpose a bucket, a hat, or a can–to store found eggs.

Hold your Easter egg hunt in Prospect Park, Greenwood Playground, your own backyard (if you have one) or even your front room.


For young kids, hide eggs so they are visible. For example, on top of a chair or in front of a plant.


Older kids will find challenging hunts more fun. Inside drawers or at the bottom of a fruit bowl.

Tip 1: Enlist older kids to hide the eggs for younger kids.

Tip 2: If you hide hard boiled eggs, be sure the number of eggs hidden is equal to the number found.

Enjoy your Easter egg hunt whether you create it yourself or head out into the community.

Top image via A Child Grows in Brooklyn.

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