South Slope

Eagle Provisions To Close In June

eagle provisions at 626-630 5th avenue in south slope
The end is near for neighborhood staple Eagle Provisions.

The building that houses the sausage and beer mecca, located at 626-630 5th Avenue on the corner of 18th Street, was put on the market last summer for $9 million, and according to public records, the building sold for $7.5 million last month to 435 7th Ave Apts LLC, which also owns another building in the neighborhood.

At the time the Eagle building was listed, the brokerage firm said the owners of the store would be willing to move out following the sale, and it seems they’re doing just that. An employee we spoke to earlier this week told us their anticipated last day will be June 4.

It’s hard to imagine 5th Avenue without Eagle Provisions, and though we do now (finally) have the new Associated Market up the street, but, somehow…just not the same. We’ll miss you, Eagle.

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  1. Eagle was a contributing factor in my decision to move to South Slope. My beer horizons were expanded so much by having them around. I’ll miss having fresh pirogi and their random cheese leftovers tray.

  2. Another part of Original Brooklyn Going I am so sad over this Neighborhood changed for the better so they say, not true gentrification ruined whats left

  3. The change in this neighborhood in just the last year has been stunning. The worst part is that all the buildings they tear down just get replaced with more poorly made “luxury” high rises. At least open some more stores or something.

  4. Was my first job and were friends of the family for generations park slope is and wont be the same anymore

  5. No, I don’t think they’re opening elsewhere. Last month I spoke to the owners and they said they were closing in April, but I guess this changed? It’s very sad – another piece of the Polish neighborhood gone. The demographics have changed so much over the past thirty-five years, and the arrival of Jubilat hasn’t helped them. I posted about the closure last month, and earlier, when the store went on the market. I have happy memories of buying food here over the decades, and of hearty meals with Polish family members. Will miss their ham, and the Lithuanian rye bread especially. We came to the neighborhood from the East Village in the 80s, and Eagle was a little piece of home. Fifth Avenue then was a world away from what it is today.

  6. Not surprising at all. They were great until 4-5 years ago when they started jacking the prices of their beer up and up and up. I asked the owner one day why he was charging $19 for a bottle that I’d bought the week before for $14 and he said “Obama, and as long as he is in office, I’m going to keep raising prices.” 100% truth. Dude is a scumbag.

  7. Has anyone seen the prices at the Associated? Insane. All that wait and too costly to shop there. And that Jo, Bryan, Joseph’s Key Food.. anyone see them replace the stock that sat there for months during the “power outage” This damned neighborhood.

  8. The first Polish girl I ever tapped worked as a cashier here in the mid 90’s. ….fond memories indeed

  9. When did Jubilat open? I always assumed they were a longstanding institution as well, but I guess not?

  10. Ha! You’re right, Joshua. Somehow I thought they were much more recent than 1990(!). I guess I was always used to going to Eagle. Those decades passed more quickly than I realized!!! Their meats are very good, but I’ve always found Eagle friendlier, although some have not had this experience. They do seem to get very busy – lines out the door at Easter.
    Anyone know anything more about the LLC that’s buying the Eagle building?

  11. Yeah, I’ve always preferred Eagle’s meat counter as well based mainly on what I’m used to. I actually always suspected Jubilant had better quality meat given the shear number of expired food Eagle sells on the whole.

    If I can’t see the expiration date, I’m not buying it at Eagle and I skip their produce entirely. Despite it all, I’m really going to miss them.

    Given how the neighborhood’s going I’m assuming the LLC plans to put another apartment building up which seems ill advised.

  12. $50 for a 4-pack of beer that other places sell for $30-32 so yeah these guys are an establishment but not sad to see them go.

  13. So sad! I will miss them! Luckily Jubilat is staying – smaller & no beer but better “kielbasa” selection 🙂 5th & 17th.

  14. i am sure they could have stayed and done well given the ‘exotic’ tastes of the invaders. more likely they bought property or properties and are cashing in. despite their stereotype it only takes one pole to unscrew a light bulb. and jim, the cashier told me you weren’t worth the effort.

  15. No, there a several butchers open on Sundays, too, in Greenpoint. I shop at Driggs Meat Market. Lovely people, great kielbasa and ready to eat foods, like stews and spreads.

  16. Well, he knew he was sitting on a goldmine. And he mined it eagerly, probably with an eye on getting out soon…

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